Wizard101 UK Turns One, A New Commercial, and Other Updates

Happy Birthday Wizard101 UK! They're turning one! To celebrate, Diary of a Wizard, a fellow blogger who has been approved as an official fansite by Kingsisle themselves, is joining together with Mason Swiftblade and his blog to bring you a celebration of epic proportions! Check both of the links out for updates on parties, giveaways, and more!

Wizard101 UK members are also entering their second week of advent, meaning all new specials and sales! Right now, they can save 50% of all card packs, plus buy a Snappy Lobster or Purple Glider at half the original gold price!

If you noticed the picture up top, Morganthe is preparing to touch the sword of a brave, lion warrior. It's all part of a new commercial that Kingsisle has released... see for yourself!

You'll probably want to watch that a few times! The Spiral "expands," though I like to think that the worlds already existed, they are simply being discovered, and and all new mass of evil has been unleashed in a world where Morganthe's Deck of Shadows was once hidden by the Council of Light. Interested in learning more? Check out my post on Morganthe Theorycrafting! If I am hearing correctly, the narrator says "Your skills and your spells will determine your fate." We then see an image of the King's Tomb in Zamunda, where a kingly lion makes his way past several already-frozen warriors to attack Morganthe, but with a simple touch, she freezes him, challenging the wizard with her question, "Do you have the power to defeat me?" and then shattering the lion with her staff. Let me make this much clear - the commercial doesn't say "Battle Morganthe, and all new..." like in the Celestia one, she's simply challenging the wizard. We don't get to fight her in Zafaria. Here's a picture of the half-frozen warrior:

Well, I've been around in my garden, noticing a few changes since last time I gardened. The plants have taken much longer to wilt, they are ready to harvest much faster, and when they reach elder, they glow so bright, that my large-sized garden looks like a giant, blob of white light! I wonder if you could make a pathway between a bunch of elder plants... there comes another housing idea. 

The night is still young, so run run off too far, we've still got another planned post tonight on the first day of The Twelve Days of Wizard! See you soon!

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