Finishing the Savannah and Other Wizard101 Updates

After having killed about 145 lions, I've finally completed the Savannah! Between the Shadow Weavers, the lions, and the Zebras, peace has finally been restored for now in the Savannah. I've unlocked the newest garden mole and activated both teleporters. I'm now on my way to Zamunda, but first, I've got a few comments on the start of Zafaria. Stay tuned for more updates from Kingsisle, too.

The beginning of Zafaria, while it got us started on the storyline, was a bit tedious. For instance, we first simply aided a few people of the town - fighting this and that. Then, Vir and others wanted us to return for more work in the Marketplace, where we became very familiar with the creatures there, fighting them over and over in the few battle areas that reside there.

The Savannah was full of long, annoying tasks that resulted in the killing of 145 lions exactly - ironically on both of my characters. Perhaps, although spread out, everyone has to kill this many. How many lions had you killed after completing the Savannah?

Learning of the Council of Light near the end of the location kept my interest, though. If you had the quest for the history "locations," you got to learn a bit about them near the end of the location. The picture shows Ambrose, Greyrose, Diego, and who is probably the Emperor of Moo Shu. I've spoken of these few and the coincidences in which they appear together with my Morganthe "prophecizing," so you might take a look if you get the chance.

In the final battle of the Savannah, the cheats were actually working this time, and I was surprisingly dispelled after every attack spell of one type that I used. Fortunately, I had low pip spells prepared in the deck that quickly took care of this and ended the battle swiftly.

Seeing Zamunda and its lush, green decor was quite refreshing as opposed to the sandy Savannah.

Kingsisle has released some new gift cards that you can see at They're also hinting at a Christmas event to come. Felix will be in the Spiral with his Frostman, Christmas Elf, and other items soon, and Plant-A-Palooza is underway! Also be sure to check out Wizard101 Central - they've got a ton of fun contests going on for whatever you like to do, whether it's decorating, PvP, Pet Derby, Hide-and-Seek, or just about anything else!


  1. Do the new prepaid cards support the Army and Air Force? I'd really like to support them in honor of my extended family.

  2. While that'd be a fantastic idea, I think that this is simply the store that sells them. If the store itself has a percentage of sales that support the Army and Air Force, it's possible that a part of it might, but for the most part, I think Kingsisle is just expanding its horizons.


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