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With the coming launch of the Best Gear Guide series for level 130+ wizards, there's a new tool attached to the articles to help determine what kind of setup and which gear pieces work the best for you. I want to provide general instructions, talk briefly about it, answer some questions you might have.

The Basics

The gear calculator appears on the right hand side of the screen for normal browser sizes and at the end of the article for mobile devices. The calculator should be able to scale along with the article for most devices.

The gear calculator will show you stats for your school and universal stats for all other schools. Any universal stats are built into the school-specific number, just like the way they are displayed in the game. So for example, if the calculator shows 16% Balance damage and 10% universal damage, that means you have 16% Balance damage (not 26%) and 10% damage to all other schools.

Dropdown Options

By default, the calculator will follow you as you scroll down the page, allowing you to make choices and see the updates as you go. There are generally three options.

  • Unstick from Top / Stick to Top - This will toggle whether or not the calculator follows you down the page or not. When "unstuck," it will remain at the top of the sidebar. 
  • Move to Bottom of Article / Move to Sidebar - This will toggle where the calculator appears. You can show it on the sidebar or at the bottom of the guide.
  • Instructions - This will bring you here!

Base Stats

Every school has some starting stats, and those are figured into the calculator from the beginning. These stats assume that your wizard is level 130. You start with 40% power pip chance and a different amount health based on your school. You also start with some pip conversion for your school, as well as 150 mana. While you do have a base shadow pip chance, this varies over the course of a battle and is currently impossible to calculate precisely, thus the percentage from your gear should be considered a bonus.

1. Read Through & Examine Options

The first step in the process is simply to read through the article and make your selections. Each item type shows the best overall options as well as a variety of options based on the type of setup you want. All of these can be selected for your setup meaning you don't need to have the absolute best items to see what your stats could be. There are expandable explanations of the top items in each category, exactly like the previous level 120+ gear guides.

2. Make a Selection

At the end of each item category, there's a dropdown menu with all of the items in that category sorted for easy selection. It's simple - you pick your item and your stats get plugged into the calculator and totaled up. You can always change any of your selections. Selections you've made will reset when you navigate to a different page or refresh.

3. See Updated Stats

The calculator will do three things each time you pick an item. First, it will indicate that you've made a selection for that item type with a check mark. Hat? Got it. Robe? Check. What am I forgetting? Oh, boots! The calculator makes it easy. The second thing it will do is show which item you've picked. Wait a minute, what hat did I choose again? Just click the section on the calculator to expand and show your item. The third thing the calculator does is total all of the stats of your selected items, showing you your resulting setup.


The calculator allows you build a variety of setups with all of your own specifications. Do you hate Darkmoor? You can build a setup without any Darkmoor gear and still see your stats. Don't have any of your Paradox stuff yet? Try a setup without it! What would happen if you swapped out your wand for that new one from a pack and your hat for the one you're currently farming? Now you can see pretty easily. 

You can use this calculator build yourself a checklist of all the items you have and will want. Once you've got your perfect setup, you can move the calculator to the bottom of the article using the dropdown under the settings, then expand all of the sections to the names of your gear pieces and your total stats, then save a screenshot. (You may also be able to do this one the sidebar if you have amazing screen resolution.)


The calculator does have some limitations. School-specific stats outside of your school are not shown. So for example, if you're on the Fire guide and your wand of choice give 10% Fire damage and 10% Ice damage, the calculator will show 10% Fire damage and 0% universal damage, ignoring the stats for other schools.

The calculator does not take into account any jewels you may add to your gear, or any pets you have. You'll have to add in those stats at the end, or compare gear setups without them.

Thanks to several members of the Spiral community for giving their feedback on calculator functions! As this is a new feature, please let me know if you run into any issues. Enjoy the best gear guides!

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Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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