September 2019 Guest Post Lineup

It's that time of year again! The remainder of September is dedicated to an annual event here on Swordroll's Blog - the September Guest Post Series! Check out past lineups and who will be writing this year!

This is the fifth annual September Guest Post Series, so it's been running for awhile. This year, we have another exciting group of people who are writing! Usually, I try to get people who are either experienced bloggers who want to say something different than they normally might on their own sites, or people who are not site owners to try their hand at writing! Before you see this year's lineup, though, check out the previous years!

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Now take a look at 2019's exciting lineup!


As is tradition, we'll be kicking off the Guest Post Series with a contest winner. Tristan placed in a blog post contest in years past, where he wrote about his favorite world in Wizard101. Keep your eyes out for Tristan's post to find out which is his favorite and why!


Valkoor MistStone, also known as Micah on Twitter, is a Wizard101 player who is known for his unique housing creations. This talented decorator has designed games and interactive housing features, among other things, which he'll be sharing in his guest post this month!

Kyle Icewielder

Kyle is a YouTuber who has been covering the Wizard101 and Pirate101 Spiral in his videos for several years now! If you're not a YouTuber, you might not understand what goes into making a video. Kyle is going to walk you through his process from start to finish.


A talented artist, Launie's artistic interests extend beyond the KingsIsle community, but she's well-known for her portraits of wizards from around the Spiral. She'll share her journey as an artist as well as how the community has influenced her.

Vanessa Mythdust

Kayly, also known as Vanessa, is a well-known member of the community who has worked on several sites over the years before starting her own - The Untold Spiral. She's also written for MMORPG and now works at KingsIsle Entertainment. She's be covering her player to employee transition and first impression of the industry!

Stay tuned for these posts throughout the rest of the month!

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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