Adventures in Marleybone

Last year's Write a Blog Post contest winner is sharing her thoughts on one of the worlds often loved for its scenery and detested for its rooftops: Marleybone. Scarlet Firesong will discuss the beloved characters and other aspects of her favorite in-game world.

As I’m wondering around Wizard City tonight, I can’t help but feel nostalgic to my days at Marleybone, when I used to go wandering down the cobblestone streets, while mysterious howling echoes in the distance.

As you probably already know, Marleybone is a word play on a city in England called MaryleBone. Knowing the origin of the name is a dead giveaway to what’s in store for our wizards at this night-time world: British accents and dogs. Lots and lots of dogs (all dog lovers rejoice!) Almost all major characters (including the Queen!) are various types of cute and well-dressed dogs.

Marleybone was my favorite world before I had even entered it. Why? One word is my answer: British! I’ve been obsessed with everything British for as long as I can remember, and this world gave me everything I needed to satisfy my obsession. If you are also in love with all things British, then you’re not only going to love Marleybone, but you will certainly enjoy this Marleybone-dedicated to blogpost. It will cover the 2 main reasons why Marleybone is wicked cool and the best world in the Spiral!

Without further ado, Allons-y!

Reason 1: Fascinating Characters

Let’s take a look at the some of the most fascinating characters in MB.

The Professor:

If you haven’t met him in Wizard City before your arrival to MB, that ol’ dog with the fedora hat, colorful scarf, and bright red Converse shoes might seem to you just one of those odd NPC that some artist at KingsIsle came up with. And that red telephone box he’s standing near to is just too cliché for you. Yes, we get it, we are in the Spiral’s version of Britain. But wait a minute! His outfit’s randomness seems too… specific. And hold on again, why does the telephone box say “smaller on the inside”? And then your brain connects the dots and you are hit with the realization that your all-time favorite Time Lord is standing right before your eyes! It is HIM, the all-powerful, all-smart, and by far the most adorable alien that had graced your TV for ages. The Doctor, I mean The Professor, is here, and he actually lets you come in on his TARDIS (excuse me, the “Telegraph Box”) to be his companion and save the world! (ok maybe not the world but it sure feels like it). Ok, I’m done fangirling, moving on…

Sherlock Bones:

Now we get to meet and work with another genius, as it seems KingsIsle is rounding up all of its brainy characters here. Everybody, meet the world’s number 1 detective, Sherlock Bones and his assistant,

Dr. Watson! 

I can’t help but bow down to his smartness. Standing over there with his oversized coat and sparkling magnifier, he is very easy to spot, so if you ever need his help on solving a case, or just want some of his geniusness to rub off on you, go find him! (And remember to bow, he actually likes it when people acknowledge his superiority).

Besides these two characters, there are PLENTY more references to fictional characters and real people. There’s Meowiarty (based on Moriarty, Sherlock’s arch nemesis), HG Waggs (based on HG Wells), Dr. Von Katzenstein (Dr. Von Frankenstein, creator of the Frankenstein Monster), Jacques the Scratcher (Jack the Ripper), Marcel Meyow, the cat mime (based Marcel Marseu, a famous mime), and most importantly, the Queen (based on the Queen)! Speaking of the Queen…

Reason 2: Famous Locations

…your wizard will get to visit the Buckingham Palace, or as W101 calls it, Barkingham palace! The palace is actually one of the 4 main dungeons of “A Tale of Four Dungeons”, so wizards beware! The palace is gorgeous and has an air of mystery about it that attracts anyone that glances at it and traps them in it for eternity (which is also how long it takes to finish the dungeon).

Many young wizards chose to play this dungeon once they’ve honed their powers a little bit more. And once you defeat this dungeon, your sense of accomplishment is bound to increase.

More locations…

If you happened to be visiting Marleybone soon, here are my top recommended tourists’ spots for wizards:

221B Barker Street: The famous Sherlock Bones lives there, so feel free to stop by and take a photo outside his house to make all your friends jealous.

The Royal Museum: If you’re interested in mummies and history, go take a look at Marleybone’s extensive collection of ancient artifacts stolen, ahem I mean borrowed, from Krokotopia.

Barkingham Palace gates: Standing at the gates of the palace resides two of the Queen’s royal guards and they love it when people ask to take a picture with them because it makes their boring jobs a bit more fun.

Marleybone’s Hot Air Balloons: now this is not particularly a location but it’s a must-try for anyone visiting MB. The fare is not cheap but the view is astounding. Hot Air Balloons are Marleybone’s number 1 way of transportation along with Marleybone’s classic car.

There are also plenty of references to real location in Britain including: Wolfminster Abbey (Westminster Abbey), Hyde Park, Kensington Park, Chelsea Park, Scotland Yard, and the Big Ben tower.

Twinkling lights, flying newspapers, and loud streets are Marleybone’s signature, along with the fact that it’s the Spiral’s only world that experiences nighttime. Bottom line, it’s the best world in the Spiral.

"Oh Marleybone" by Scarlet Firesong

Oh Marleybone, the land of pups
I adore your lights and hot tea cups
Whenever I'm tired or feeling unwell
You cheer me up and on you I'll always dwell
No world in the Spiral can ever compare
To your beauty and your polluted air
If trouble comes, on you I'll lean
While forever singing God save the Queen!

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

Thanks to Scarlet Firesong for this post!

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