September 2018 Guest Post Lineup

Once a year here on the blog, I feature five guest posts. Not only do these gems provide readers with something a little bit different, but they also tend to take people who are not bloggers or who have unique talents and experiences and see what happens when they enter the blogosphere. This year, there's another exciting lineup. Here's what you can expect.

This is now the fourth annual September Guest Post series. But first, you can catch past guest posts here:

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Five new individuals will be joining these fifteen this year. Take a look at 2018's exciting lineup!

Blaze Hexcaster

It's standard to feature a Write-a-Post contest winner in the September Series, but this is the first year we'll get to draw on new contest winners! Blaze was one of a few winners of last year's contest, and you'll get to hear from him about what his favorite Wizard101 world is.


There are a number of artists, digital and otherwise, in the world of 101, but Zanzidia does something that's pretty unique. The integration of moving elements and concept art or in-game models in cinemagraph-style animations is a specialty which the community thoroughly enjoys. Zanzidia will discuss the creation process for these works of art.

Scarlet Firesong

Last year's Write a Blog Post contest winner is sharing her thoughts on one of the worlds often loved for its scenery and detested for its rooftops: Marleybone. Scarlet Firesong will discuss the beloved characters and other aspects of her favorite in-game world.

Miranda Dreamsong

There's no shortage of creativity in the KingsIsle community, but sometimes it's expressed in rare forms. Miranda Dreamsong is a composer who creates creates custom music based on Wizard101. Miranda will take you through the process of composing these pieces from start to finish and showcase an impressive set of work.

Mathew "Sparck" Anderson

Having recently joined the KingsIsle team, Mathew is the newest Community Manager for its games. He'll help you get to know him and talk a little bit about how the Wizard101 community is unique and what ideas he has as we move forward.

You can expect these posts to appear as we continue through September!

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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