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As is tradition, we'll be kicking off the Guest Post Series with a contest winner. Tristan placed in a blog post contest in years past, where he wrote about his favorite world in Wizard101 - Avalon! Check out his thoughts on why this medieval fantasy world is the best one in Wizard101.

There are many different types of magical worlds in the Spiral, but there is only one which has all the characteristics a wizard could dream of. In my opinion, this world is none other than Avalon, where history and mythical creatures meet the most beautiful landscapes.

It is known to be a medieval world strongly flavored with historical Arthurian and Celtic myths, and inside it players should discover new clues about main characters such as Merle Ambrose and the sinister Morganthe. Finally, it all leads up to a quest to restore the land and recover the legendary Sword of Kings.

Embrace the Medieval Environment

Avalon features an incredible six zones including 15 new areas, which should give your wizard a wide variety of new territories to discover, and also makes it one of the biggest worlds in the game. From vast blue skies and beautiful green trees and glades to the dangerous forests and caves, Avalon offers a huge variety of environments that will instantly make you feel like you're there.

As I said before, an endless quantity of creatures and unique features appear in this medieval journey, such as knights, witches, goblins, dragons, warrior queens, and quests to prove your power and skill. 

What other aspects make Avalon so special? Of course the music and sound effects have an outstanding impact, but there are also some characters inspired by historical events that play a role in this world, making it even more realistic.

Back to the Middle Ages

As far as we know, every single world has its own essence but no other world has created a story as perfect as Avalon, and as a curious wizard, you should be asking yourself why? Well, I'm going to prove it to you.

  • Many kinds of gear will be available for your wizard at shopping areas such as Abbey Road, which looks just like you'd expect a medieval market place to look with its tiny tent shops.
  • You will also feel like you've traveled back in time with the storyline quests. Your wizard starts almost as if they were a commoner and as you progress through the main story helping Avalon characters, you'll be feeling like a true king or queen of the land.
  • Crafting is also an option in this world, where you can find exclusive pieces of gear that your wizard can create and wear to show off a medieval appearance
  • A number of new utility spells are available in the world along with exclusive hidden characters that will teach you their knowledge. Ever met a unicorn? An owl or a fairy? Now you'll be able to do it!
  • Ever wanted to practice PvP in a place other than Wizard City or your home? Avalon is the perfect place for you and your wizard because the Outer Yard area offers a battle circle for practice against other wizard at any time. You'll feel like a knight in the medieval games!
  • It is composed of many different kinds of areas. Are you tired of the typical green and happy landscape? Not to worry, Avalon offers large, creepy forests together with underwater and underground places such as Deepwater, the Crystal Caves and the Catacombs.
  • Environment and sky changes? Of course! Avalon has a rainy area called Lake Shore which I recommend you visit. You can relax with the views, it's perfect if you like rainy and cloudy days. But wait, there's more! The sky is not always blue in Avalon; some zones change it up!
  • You can craft an amazing Avalon-themed house for your wizard! But wait, don't have the reagents you need? Well... You can also have a look at the castle tours and search for the Avalon Outlaw house, or purchase it for yourself! It's not the same as the entire world, but it's like the best parts of it in a home for your wizard.

Sightseeing Tour

I invite you to take a look at these pictures to find out how perfect is. Who's that in the screenshots? Oh, that's me! I wanted to take some pictures for you to see how the landscaping and details of the world look from a wizard's perspective but also I couldn't resist posing in some of them. Take your time to appreciate the variety of artistic elements in the views. A miracle, isn't it?

Wizard101 Avalon
Wizard101 Avalon
Wizard101 Avalon
Wizard101 Avalon
Wizard101 Avalon
Wizard101 Avalon
Wizard101 Avalon

Adventure Time

Take your time and visit Avalon for a break. You won't disappointed with all the activities it has to offer. Lose yourself in the medieval streets, meet mythical creatures, fish in incredible lakes and rivers, go do some shopping, and of course practice your magic skills with this wonderful environment all around you. 

There are so many secrets of the Spiral hidden in this land... Do you dare to find them all? I wonder what those stairs are for... Want to check them out? Find the best areas and secrets in the incredible world of Avalon!

Thanks to Tristan for his post on Avalon!

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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