Random Weekly Puzzle and Plant-A-Palooza Ends Today!

I've decided to do a "Random Weekly Puzzle" segment. It'll just be for fun, no prizes involved, so answer as much of it as you know and you might be mentioned in next week's puzzle post. All comments for puzzle posts will be kept unpublished until next week's puzzle is revealed, and the quickest, and closest wizards to answer will be recognized! It'll be something different every week, and this week's puzzle is figuring out what picture goes in the blank. Who might have been saying the dialogue? What might I have been reading? Parts of the picture and the wording used will give you subtle hints as to what it could be - just describe the way it should look the best that you can, and remember to have fun with it!

Here are the pictures:

What goes in each circular area? Comment and let me know!

In other news, Plant-A-Palooza is ending today. Whether or not the Ivy League and the Happy Holidaisy are leaving is still a mystery, but today is your last day to save up to 50% on all plants in the Crown Shop - and don't pass your opportunity up, some of those plants are fairly impressive!

Shorter post than normal, was it not? What can I say, you got a double dose yesterday. Happy questing, and see you in the Spiral!

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