"The Twelve Days of Wizard: Day Seven - Snowman Transformation" and a Message From Kingsisle

As we enter our seventh day of Wizard, we see that Kingsisle has already showered us with numerous gifts, sales, and new items, and now they're back again - with a free Snowman transformation for everyone! With this one hour change, you'll be sure to be looking 'ice for the holiday season! And, were you hoping for the new Milk and Cookies and wallpaper to be available for gold? Kingsisle has a message for you!

When you stop by Wizard101.com, you can type in the code "frosty" for your free, one hour Evil Snowman transformation that will appear the next time you log into the game. If you're on a budget, or left your Christmas outfit on the clothesline while it was snowing, you can quickly equip this transformation for all holiday events!

Speaking of the "Twelve Days of Wizard," Kingsisle issued a statement today about the items only available for crowns, stating that they are now available for gold. All crowns have been refunded, and you can keep the items! Here's the message:

Hello Young Wizards!

For those of you who purchased the Holiday items Milk & Cookies, Snowflake Wallpaper, Holiday Striped Wallpaper or Night Snow Wallpaper using Crowns before they were available for gold, we’ve issued a refund for those Crowns. The refund will show up on your Crowns log by the end of the day. We wish you to keep the items with our apologies and thanks!

If you purchased all of the items, you just got them for free and saved yourself about 15,000 gold! I had bought the three wallpapers, and plan to buy the Milk and Cookies. Here are the new prices:

  • Milk and Cookies, 1000 Crowns, 5000 Gold
  • All Wallpaper, 750 Crowns, 3750 Gold

Now everyone can celebrate - with gold or crowns! And if you need some crowns, you might consider a bundle! The Mega Bundle is now available at certain Blockbuster stores around the U.S. That's right - you can purchase the Palace and all of your favorite Sultan's items at local Blockbuster stores. Learn more at https://www.wizard101.com/game/mega-bundle.

Stay tuned - today is Wizard101 UK's first birthday, and you didn't think it would go unnoticed, did you? Check in to the UK commmons on Ambrose realm at 7:00 PM CST for the party. If you're looking for Swordroll, search for Digby Dragondust! If you can't make it, you can see official pictures on the UK Facebook page afterwards!

Tonight is also the last night before the release of the top five rarest treasure cards and where to find them! Who wins the dispute and why - Lifebane vs. Dampen Magic. And what cards go in third, fourth, and fifth? YOU can help decide! Let me know by commenting here or sending an email to swordroll (at) gmail.com! See you in the Spiral, and in multiple countries, too!

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