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This past week, we've talked quite a bit about spells and wands and whatnot, so I stopped by Central and asked users there what they thought. Being a more vague topic, asking where our spells were headed didn't receive nearly as many answers as the wand topic, but several people did express their opinions, and they're here for you to read! In addition, you'll see an interesting little bit at the end... no explanation, sorry, that ruins room for interpretation. This post is worth reading!

The day of my blog post on spells, I asked "Today I'm doing a blog post on where our spells will be headed. What do I mean? If you haven't noticed, each time we get spells, they might be more powerful, but they cost another pip, too. Take Sirens for example. It does 880 damage or so. Storm Lord did 690 damage and stunned. There's a different of 190 there, and for the most part, Storm is capable of doing this much damage per pip, so why the seemingly lousy increase in damage here? Kingsisle has to keep our spells from going too over the top, even at higher pip costs, and they do that by adding effects of all sorts - just look at Sirens!
In this way, they're making us more powerful by giving us different spell combinations and possibilities, and more base damage to power up for a big hit, without giving that spell that simply "takes the cake" every time. And so I'd like to ask you, where do you think our spells are headed?"

Emerald Dragon said "I think our spells are getting to be too overpowered. Soon there is going to be some storm spell that does 1,000 damage, and combined with blades/traps/gear that is going to mean that we can kill mobs/bosses in fewer turns... That is why I think KI should add a different gameplay method."
Jeffrey Icehunter said "The higher damage and extra effects come at the cost of more pips. So even if we have a spell that does 1200 damage in the future, we'll have to wait a few rounds to use it, balancing out that fact that it can kill mobs easily."

501L said "KI will have to make the gear only a little bit better with each level cap."

MegaFireWizard said "Hi there the reason there is such a small difference in the spells is that they are attack all enemies and that they are two level differences plus if you think about it everyone is begining to become like that, they have to slow down spell damage so we dont become over-powered."

To review that post in general, I said that we needed something other than just damage... our spells couldn't simply get more and more powerful with each pip, there needed to be some variety. That's why we're seeing so many new effects, even on steal spells!

With wands, I got quite a few more responses, some from some skilled PvPers! Take a look at what people had to say.

Phantom Thaumaturge said "i stitch the ones with good stats to the ones that look cool XD"

Potroast42 said "I use my Hawkrider Claymore in game because of the critical block. As long as I don't get criticaled, it's very rare for me to die in PvE (and PvP against most)"

Lucas said "Life force blade.. I use them allot.."

JoshyWoshy said "I would prefer lifeforce, but stitch with umbra :D"

Drakeflame said "I use lifeforce blades "

Amphitrite answered my question bit by bit - "What wand do you prefer? Staff of Legends (Myth wand, lvl. 55+) Does it vary in PvP and PvE? Not really. What wands do like the stats of The life force blade, wish I had it., and which ones have the best appearance Umbra Blade, Soulsinger's Soulsword, Goldenbeak, Greenwarden's Brilliant Staff (any level), Greenwarden's Energetic Staff, Redwind's Viridian Blade, and Valor? Does it depend on the character and/or school? For me, yes. I usually wear my opposite school's wand. On my death wizard I like to wear life wands, etc."

justinhawkrumble said "charmers mystical flute, stitched with soulslingers soul sword or lifeforce blade stitched with trident of typhoons"

akifoniq99 said "Lifeforce blade from nastrond."

zolofarm said "The wands appearance means nothing to me, only stats matter. In PvE I use wands with max Criticals. (Or if I am below Level 50 I will use the hardest hitting wand) In PvP I usually use the wand with the most block. I dont rely on criticals at all so I want as much block as possible."

Kris said "I don't PvP anymore, but I just use my Steelwielder's Mineblade for anything else. I like the DS sword appearances. I can't stitch, but as long as I get the 1 power pip I'm fine."

StorySmith said "I use the Lifeforce Wand 5 120 life hits, pip, 30 block 30 critical for PvE and PvP. I used to use the Cursed Death wand in PvP because it helped with getting rid of death shields, but the block became more necessary. The Life blade also helps with Entangles, although since I don't use any Life spells - that is of less concern. I also have tried out crafted Wands without wand hits in PvP and found that loading up 1 pip spells to take off the Weaknesses didn't work out too well. When I go up against Life enemies, like Jade Oni, where I don't have to worry about block, sometimes I switch to the Staff of Legend Myth wand. For appearance, I like Tomugawa's Blade because it gives off Skull smoke rings."

Chase Lionhammer said "PvE: The Life Force has an epic look, plus 30 block and critical. But, not everyone can afford it, so another wand for PvE is the Staff of Shadow and Light. 25 block with 20 critical, and have you seen the look?It looks like it came right out of the movies! Pvp: The Hawkrider Claymore has 50 block, but no critical. Depending on strategies, this wand can best suit you. If you didn't happen to get the Hawkrider bundle, I would suggest either The Spear of Trade winds, which gives 50 block but no critical, and looks similar to the Staff of Shadow and Light. The Staff of Solmon gives 35 critical, but no block, and looks extremely the same as the Mega Bundle wand, but no effects on it. If your looking for an all around wand I'd chose the Staff of Shadow and Light, because of how close it comes to the Lifeforce. -Chase"

Cassandra Dragonheart said "Depends on what school I am on! I prefer crit block wands -- currently using Hawrider Claymore on my life wiz. Storm just got the wand with minor blessings so she is using is over her jellyfish because it gives more block & those mini heals can be useful for her. Balance is using DragonRider balance wand, crit & block for her. Death and fire havent started ZF so still debating them. Myth uses Sultan's Palace flute. I dont usually switch between PvE & PvP usage."

Fawne said "For filming I use the Insightful Spyglass, unstitched. It's purely for the show though as it's my 'camera.' When I'm healing I use Greenwarden's Peaceful Staff, unstitched.When I'm doing damage or soloing I like the Lifeforce Sword. I use this for PVP as well. I'm too lazy to stitch"

Finnigan Moon said "I'm currently using holiday wands (Sweet Staff, Staff of the Hopper, or my Silly Pumpkin Staff) stitched with Dragonrider's Balance Blade. I generally prefer staffs over wands simply because of the way the wizard holds them. KI has created some cool wands, but you rarely see the detail as the detail is always facing the ground. There may be wands with better stats, but I'd be wasting crowns stitching every time something a litte better comes along. I usually don't change wands except on rare occassions like when I'm battling balance opponents like Luska Charmbeak. Had KI not created holiday themed wands I would have went with staffs that lean towards what I percieve as more traditional themed wands."

Great responses, everyone! Well, I'll see you around in the Spiral! *drops note*

With Christmas comes a spirit bright
That evades a certain Necromancer
And with his sleepless, horrid nights
He dreams of brighter days
What hangs is not a lifeless flesh
Hung thirteen loops with blackened twine
But a gloom which mounts, renewed and fresh
Beyond what comes with the school of Death
And in its age, mildew grows
That dines on any latent joy
To dispel it, no one knows
What marvel is required
And so he ponders, speaking bold
To atone, amend, and thus retract
A story that is ever told
Among the wizards with which he revels
He’ll look while still his chest will ache
In hopes of what might be relief
But consolation Death did take 
And left the man with only grief


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