"The Twelve Days of Wizard: Day Thirteen - Pet Snowball" and Producer's Letter

How has your questing been, wizards? Well, in celebration of the the now thirteen days of Christmas, KingsIsle has released a Snowball pet to help you with your many challenges in your journey throughout the Spiral! I'm not surprised that all of its pet abilities have already been revealed on the Petnome Project, including an interesting new "may cast" talent!

The pet Snowball, like the pet rock, occasionally has eyes that open. It costs 3400 crowns, has a pedigree of 60, and gives a three pip card called Snowball Strike, which is the first three pip AoE.

It's ideal for Ice wizards with its Ice talents, including an interesting one called "Freeze," which, as you may have guessed, gives your pet the ability to occasionally stun your opponent! It is likely that, like attack "may casts," this will be triggered by single target spells used on an enemy.

I'm already seeing the Snowball all over the Spiral, and it's only been one day! I'm sure the hatches will be happening soon, too, and we'll see it even more. It's only available for a limited time directly from the Crown Shop, so if you want a first generation one, be sure to get one soon! You can see all of it's talents at: http://petnome.pbworks.com/w/page/49129017/Snowball.

Professor Falmea has released this month's Producer's Letter. Here's her introduction:

My Dear Wizards,

I'm very glad to be corresponding with you again! Suffice it to say, we've been busier putting out flames than a water elemental following a young firecat, but it's all been worth it to bring our large end-of-year update out. We're very excited to reveal what we've been working on for a large portion of the year unveiling a new Spiral door to Zafaria. I'm afraid I've been busy with grading final essays for my students and don't have much to say about it myself, but I was able to send a field reporter, one of my best students, out into the fray in Zafaria to get the scoop on the missing students, and I will include her report below...

To read this and the full report, visit  https://www.wizard101.com/game/producers-letter-december2011 .

That's all for tonight, happy holidays, and good luck with your questing!

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