"The Twelve Days of Wizard: Day Two - Poetry Contest" and Question of the Week

It's being to look more and more like Christmas in the Spiral! And, of course, with Christmas comes the "Twelve Days of Wizard!" Today's day two, and Kingsisle isn't disappointing anyone - they've got a Poetry Contest going. You can enter as many times as you like, as long as the poems fit their criteria! The top 10 entries based on "Likes" and the top ten entries chosen by staff members. All of these participants will receive a Super Bundle!  Wizards will then get a chance to vote on their favorite poem, and the winner will receive 60,000 crowns and a mystery holiday pet that is sure to please!

You must submit all entries as a comment to their Facebook post, or on the main site. For all of the information and requirements, visit https://www.wizard101.com/game/twelve-days-wizard/poetry-contest.

So far, Kingsisle has been generous, with new items and contests. They've also said that we'll be getting free items, and they'll be having sales, so keep your eyes out!

Evan Shadow me to help him out, and sent in a question:

I need a wand refresh on both my characters, either would be fine. I can't use Lifeforce Blade or Sidhe Staff (low crowns, just enough to stitch 4 items), and I'm level 59 on life, 61 on ice.

Ice: Evan Shadow
Wears Elegant Hat, LightBlue/Black (stitched w/ CL cover)
Chief's Garb of the Cold, same color
Errrrrr... Can't remember boots
Shivering Spear (stitched w/ cloudberry staff)
- help me with entire outfit, I want to look warrior like, but still calmish

Life: Noah WinterMask
Wears Elegant Hat w/ life emblems, White/LightGreen (stitched w/ death/life crafted)
Elegant Robe w/ life emblems, same color (stitched with same)
Life emblem boots, same color (stitched with same thing)
Everlasting Staff
- entire outfit again, I want to look like ninja-y, you know, stealthy, sword...

First, I'll remind you that there's several posts on the topic in general. I've done posts on Gear Selection (Pre-Zafaria), Zafaria Gear, and Wand Choices (Appearance and Statistics). Your question was very specific, though.

It sounds like, although low on crowns, you're right around the area where you can get or can nearly get Waterworks gear for both of your characters - this is, unfortunately, your best decision. I say that because at this point, there isn't much difference in the gear people wear, and I wish Kingsisle would have mixed it up a bit. On my Death, for a long time, I was a major healer, and wore gear that made every other heal a critical. It was pretty nice to heal a 1500 2-pip Pixie! The gear from Waterworks, though, is so much better suited for the time. It has universal block and universal resistance, plus good stats for your character. 

You do have an Ice, though, which makes the decision tough! You might keep the Celestian level 58 robe, or you can go with your Chief's Garb, though the resist there isn't as great. The colors sound good for ice. A warrior look is very vague. You can do it quite a number of ways, depending on your style.

There's the Commander gear - that's the only reason I started PvP on my Myth! That robe looks pretty neat, and then you can throw in some Dragoon's Footguards that you can buy from Eloise in Dragonspyre, or some other boots of your choice from the Bazaar. You really don't need armor-style boots to go with a warrior-looking outfit.

You can also use that common Dragoon's Garment, also sold by Eloise as a robe if you're not a big PvPer, or you don't own an Epic Bundle set. If you went on a shopping spree during the release of the Dragon's Hoard Pack, and you have a certain blue and white robe, that is one of my personal favorites. I added a few outfits I put together as a possibility for you.

That style with the Whimsical Cap and the PvP robe is one of my favorites. While you don't have a choice but to go with the light Ice colors with the Dragonrider's robe, you can go for that bolder, darker color with the PvP/Bundle robe. As always, there are other robes around, too, that aren't a warrior type that look nice.

As far as wands go, you know my favorite for Ice - the Raptor Blade! If you can't order the back issue, or don't have the wand, though, there's plenty of sword options. If you want something plain, there's a version of Soulsinger's Soulsword without any magic that looks nice. If you want a staff, there's a crafted version of the Shivering Spear that doesn't look too bad. There's also the Pillar of Ice, which I've always liked.

If you still want a guardian outfit, save up some gold, and you can buy the one from the crown shop, just swap out the hat and possibly boots. If you can't find the right knife or outfit, you can always go with this, hehe...

You life actually has quite a nice outfit! So you're after a ninja outfit, huh? There are a variety of "ninja" looking hats, but I only like the third, personally.

You can find them all at the Bazaar. While I like only the third, the first is quite popular. You can find them all at the Bazaar.

These are a few robes that has some nice life symbols. There's also yours. I'm really not sure what you're after here, so you'll have to search on your own. There are a variety of robes ranging from level 25-35 in the Bazaar with special patterns. The level 35 and 40 ones will be from Moo Shu, and that's more likely what you're after. For a "ninja" look, you'll probably want a sword. I pulled up the "magic-less" version of one sword. Both are quite nice. You're best option is probably one you'll have to farm for, though, that Samurai-style Life sword for level 40 and up with the bright, life glow.

In the end, gear selection, not only for stats, but for appearance, is a difficult decision, and I've provided you with some resources, as well as my opinions, but in the end, your matters most. I wish you luck with your selection. Let me know if you have any more questions!

That's all for tonight. See you in the Spiral!

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