"The Twelve Days of Wizard: Day Five - Arctic Ninja" and Massive Wizard101 UK Celebration!

At this point, we're beyond "beginning to look like Christmas," because the full celebrations are underway. Not to mention that Wizard101 UK is having a massive celebration with all sorts of fun events and prizes! First, let's check up on the "Twelve Days of Wizard." Having now entered day five, Kingsisle has dropped in an Arctic Ninja pet. This 61 pedigree pet is the perfect way to keep bacon for breakfast fresh... I mean, it's the perfect pet for the holiday season!

The Arctic Ninja normally costs 9995 crowns, but is 40% off for a limited time... and it may only be available for a limited time! Don't worry too much, though, you can always hatch for this pet instead. If you want to be sure to get all of its talents, though, you can get one now for 5995 crowns!

Speaking of talents, this Icy Ninja can learn quite a few nice ones. If you're looking for a Fortify card, you might just get a talent that will give you one! If you need a Tower Shield, he can learn the "may cast" for that, too! Perhaps this, like Unicorn, is automatic at teen! To keep up on its talents, keep checking the Wiki Page, and the pet's Petnome Page! Be sure to also keep an eye on Central and Diary of a Wizard for several special giveaways!

Speaking of giveaways, it's time once more to visit Mason Swiftblade's Blog, "The Life of A Wizard," which you find on the Blog List! With Wizard101 UK's birthday right around the corner, you can look for the following things:

U.S. Only - Diary of a Wizard's Contests, StormyWiz's Party (details on Mason's blog and Diary on a Wizard)
U.K. Only - Mason Swiftblade's Contests, In-game party (details on Mason's blog), free membership on the 18th!
Both - In-game parties!

From the Wizard101 UK forums:

Wizard101's British server launched a year ago and invited you into an enchanting world that Europe had never seen before! To celebrate this birthday, we're rewarding you and your fellow wizard students with a magical weekend: on Saturday and Sunday you've got free access to various premium zones, including dungeons! You also won't have to pay for the pet races and the PvP duels.

Get ready for some extra special birthday treats:
-Wizard Club for everyone: from midnight on the 17th of December until 11:59 pm on the 18th of December, all players on the British server will get Wizard Club Membership!
-Get Arena tickets now: you won't have to pay any Crowns for pet races and PvP duels at the weekend - use your chance to profit!
-Balloons and garlands: to mark the celebration, Wizard City is going to get all smartened up! We're looking forward to another great year with you!

We're looking forward to another fantastic year!

Before you go, I have a question for you... what would you most like Swordroll's Blog to feature in one or more posts? Blogging tips? Where to farm for gold? Rarest items? And is there anything specific that you want to know about the topic? Let me know! Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!


  1. Blogging tips and farming hotspots would be very helpful.
    I'd also like to know what to do about a minor issue on my follower list- I seem to have followed twice! Is this a 'glitch', or an actual accident?

  2. Also, I'd like to bring to your attention a common problem in the blogosphere. There are a few fake blog owners who are scamming bloggers and giving them 'fake' pageviews. It's become quite annoying.
    Des :)

  3. I have actually done a post or two on farming spots and blogging tips! If that's what you're after, those topic aren't hard to add to, though.

    I was unaware of this problem. I'm not how you get "fake" pageviews, you'll have to explain a bit on that. Either way, it can't be good - no one likes fake bloggers! :)


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