"The Twelve Days of Wizard: Day Three - Free Light Strand," Mander Blast, and Other Details

If you didn't already know, this holiday season, Wizard101 is giving away free items, releasing new items, holding contests, and presenting sales EVERY DAY for "The Twelve Days of Wizard!" Every day, for twelve days, we'll be getting some sort of new surprise, and today, every Wizard101 account can redeem a free Color Light Strand! The code for the strand is universal, and has no requirements, so it's safe to fairly post it anywhere. Get your code, learn more, and read about several other adventures that are sure to please!

The code for your light strand is "lights," and you can redeem it, or visit the page for more information. You can also take a look at the Twelve Days of Wizard, because there are several ongoing offers and contests already!

Take a look at the intro picture - the strand looks pretty nice, I just wish we had a few more to match! Wait a minute, what's that moose doing in here? He's blinking during the picture, too.

Anyway, Friendly's Spell of the Week this week is a bit tougher - Mander Blast. You'll need a Mander Polymorph to cast it, and they aren't sold by the Archivist or the Zafaria library, plus you can't get them at the Bazaar. The only way you'll get one is a lucky drop (are they still dropped?) or by training it yourself! Despite the fact that I do love creative kills, that's one Polymorph I didn't have! I did, however, find ONE treasure card version. That meant that, should the cards come out right, I would have up to six chances, and everything would happen within about four minutes, there were no pauses in between!

I had only once chance for location selection. I wanted some nice contrast, so I headed to a small cave off of the Hrundle Fjord. Battlegloom's cave was a perfect setting. Taking a photo with the cast of the spell would be tough... you can't move your screen to capture the perfect angle, because you're holding the top bar to delay the cast. Then, what if I wanted to take it from within the battle? I though also about this - what about the fact that the caster was teleported to the center, so no one would be there with the delayed symbol. Maybe I should just position my screen correctly. I made a plan and prepared.

Upon entering the battle, I practiced with pictures and castings, killed the minion, and protected myself with shields and auras. I realized quickly that, upon polymorphing, there were only about four Mander Blast cards. I took the first from in the battle, but it was all the backside of the mander! I quickly prepared for an outside-of-the-battle picture, and hit "Prt Sc" repeatedly, but none of the picture got the mander! The next two times through, I was careful with timing, and came out with this:

Not too bad, I like the scenery. Fire and Ice.

Speaking of Friendly, did you know the he and Paige Moonshade stopped by Dallas, Texas, to be a part of a Wizard101 commercial? Pretty impressive! Be sure to check out Friendly's and Paige's Adventures! They said that the commercial should be released sometime around the twelfth of December, although it likely won't show up on YouTube until several days later.

Don't forget to keep an eye on Wizard101 Central - they're releasing new contests all the time, plus you can enter into a raffle to win 5000 crowns EVERY DAY of December!

Remember, if you've got questions or comments, let me know by commenting or emailing me at swordroll (at) gmail.com! I might answer it in my next blog post! Thanks for reading, and happy holidays!

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