"The Twelve Days of Wizard: Day Ten - Silent Nightcap," Into Wizard101 UK Pt. 2, and Question of the Week

Upon our arrival at day ten, the excitement is dying down slightly with a code for the Silent Nightcap. While this item was offered previously, you can get a second hat with the code this year! The cap various, of course, between male and female wizards. You can see, above, that I've claimed mine. Hurry - this offer is only valid today!

The code for your free hat is "silent." Redeem it at Wizard101.com!

Speaking of giveaways, check out Wizard101 Central - the giveaways and contests are piling up, both official, and member's hosted. Also keep an eye on Diary of a Wizard - winners there will be announced soon. And as far as contests go, the Poetry Contest finalists will be announced tomorrow, so while you're gluing your eyes (inside joke with http://travelsofthethaumaturge.blogspot.com/) to that sticky note, waiting to see what tomorrow's prize is, stop by the Poetry Page at https://www.wizard101.com/game/twelve-days-wizard/poetry-contest.

With all of the celebrations, we can't forget the UK's first birthday! And today was the last day of free club membership! I began to make my way through Krokotopia, and although I didn't make my goal of level 16 and Sandstorm, I did make it quite a ways! Nearly to the Krokoshpinx, in fact. However, the final dungeon of the Pyramid of the Sun had a glitch preventing me from continuing, and time constraints have also kept me from moving on.

You see, I had the quest to defeat Krokenkahmen, whose spelling I am not certain of, and being the near-lowest level possible for the current point in the quest line, the fight was difficult. I narrowly lost, and returned to complete the instance, and move on to the Krokoshpinx, however, the gate to move past the Map Room was closed! I never did find a way past it.

This isn't the gate that is the shortcut to the boss - it's the one past Professor Winthrop - the only way out of the room and further into the dungeon.

Anyway, I've had fun, and maybe, with enough Kraken battles, I'll reach level 16. Unfortunately, my school is in a members-only area, so my spells from the Balance school have come to an end.

Previously this past week, I attended IcyWiz's party, and ran into a number of well-known wizards of the Spiral. Fallon (I believe it was the same Fallon who co-hosts Ravenwood Radio) had a chat about the UK and recent events, and she thought that you needed crowns for a subscription, and I wasn't sure, and so I decided to check it out! It turns out that you were correct - you do have to purchase crowns first, and then you purchase club membership with those crowns. It also seems that it's currently on sale - one month for 5000 crowns, six months is 25000 crowns, and a year is 40000 crowns - take a look for yourself!

Yes, it's normally a bit more expensive. The amount of crowns you can buy is also a bit different. You can't got buy 60,000 crowns for $60 and call that one year of membership. You have to buy 1500 crowns for $4.99, 3750 for $9.99, 10,000 for $19.99, or 37,500 for $49.99.

That concludes this post, but stay tuned tomorrow for a few reminders and such. Speaking of which, please scroll down to the Random Weekly Puzzle, and try that out if you're interested, for a chance to win a 10% code for your entire purchase. Tomorrow is the last day to enter, and the winner will be announced Tuesday! Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!


  1. Interesting fact actually swordroll, UK wizards get it for much cheaper. We get 25,000 crowns for about £20 so $18-22? And we get 65,000 for about £40 so that's a really good deal!

  2. After publishing, I did notice that the prices varied based on country, which was strange, because it's "Wizard101 UK." While your prices do seem to be a much better deal, I'm really not sure about the ratio of the US dollar to the UK pound. That means your 65,000 crowns is about $62 dollars, which sounds about like our price during a sale.


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