"The Twelve Days of Wizard: Day Eleven - Boon Tree," Random Weekly Puzzle Reminder, Poetry Contest Information, and Helephant Castings

The serenity that comes with a nice, green environment is quite refreshing. Likewise, a garden is always a nice touch to a house, whether it's a massive circle of Prickly Bears, or a few plants placed in a garden patch. KingsIsle (I can't decide whether I prefer Kingsisle or KingsIsle) is giving you a chance to do just that with some holiday plants with great rewards. And don't forget about our Random Weekly Puzzle for a chance to win a 10% off coupon. All entries are due by tonight at midnight! Plus, KingsIsle has a message for all of the creative wizards who entered the Poetry Contest!

The Boon Tree is now available in the Crown Shop for 2000 crowns, and crowns are currently on sale. Now is the perfect time to change up your garden, and add some holiday spirit! However, with these crown plants, don't let your garden end up like my first few!

Here's your final reminder - answer as many questions as you can for the Random Weekly Puzzle contest... they aren't trivia-type questions, you have to think outside the box. They're quite entertaining, even if you're not interested in the prize! Go back to the home page and scroll down to find it!

Speaking of contests, as I said, for all of the creative wizards out there who entered the Poetry Contest, KingsIsle released the following message:

Winter Holiday Poem Contest Update!
We're still combing through the THOUSANDS of entries! We had such a great, positive response to this contest that it's taking us longer than expected to read through so many poems!
We are also making sure that the poems submitted are UNIQUE and not plagiarized, so thank you for your patience as we read through your poem entries!

They're also re-sending discount code emails, but here's their message to those who haven't received them:

Not getting our e-mails? Go to https://www.Wizard101.com/ and log in to the Website. Click on "My Accounts" and make the "Receive Wizard101 Email" check box is checked.

The e-mail address shown on your "My Accounts" page is where your account related and promotional emails will be sent so make sure you have access to that email address!

You should also add Wizard101@kingsislemail.com to your e-mail's Address Book or Safe Sender list, to make sure our special offers are getting to your inbox.

Well, as usual, I can't resist Friendly's Spell of the Week. If you don't know about it, he asks readers every week to submit pictures of a certain spell, and the photos might include a phrase, interesting setting, etc., or any combination. This week's spell is Helephant, and it was time to bring out the Fire character.

Yes, he's got fire in his eyes. Interesting angle, isn't it? You see, with a Massive Fantasy Palace arena, I can set it up so that two people can be in the battle, and my third account's character can take the picture of my other two. By placing something to stand against, you can get the perfect picture. Since I didn't have the cool background, though, I wanted something to be slightly better about the creature itself.

"Aargh! My Back!"

Between heartburn and that interesting "back-twist," there, this Helephant is having some real trouble! 

Now before I go tonight, I traded my new Bone Dragon over to my Death character, and took a close look at it.

Fits quite nicely, doesn't it? I noticed that his rib cage isn't just filled with blue sparks, it's got a heart that beats! Interesting touch!

As always, thanks for reading, happy holidays, and enjoy your questing!

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