"The Twelve Days of Wizard: Day Eight - Candy Cane Mounts," Happy Holidays From KingsIsle, and IcyWiz's Party

Into the EIGHTH day of Christmas already, and Kingsisle isn't slowing down with the gifts! Today, they've released a brand new Candy Cane Mount - and it comes in six different colors, too, and it's the cheapest mount ever! While it is only available for crowns, it's only 3750 per mount! Choose from Green, Red, Mixed, Blue, Pink, or Yellow!

Be sure to act quickly, though, these fancy mounts are available for a limited time only!

KingsIsle Entertainment wishes to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Fallon, Christina Icedreamer, Cassandra Dragonheart, Diana Wildheart, Edward Lifegem, Kevin Battleblood and other wizards you might know where all in one place this past night! IcyWiz hosted a party to celebrate Wizard101 UK's first birthday! The party was (and currently is) great!

I'm afraid that the Top Five Rarest Treasure Cards is going to be delayed one day, so you can still submit opinions! Until then, I'll see you in the Spiral, and happy holidays!

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