Crazy "Insane Bolt" Pictures and Another Day in PvP

The Friendly Necromancer has made his call for the Spell of the Week again, and this week it's Insane Bolt! Having a Storm wizard would be helpful here. Thankfully, Fred Goldriver was ready for action! Speaking of Insane Bolts, what are you supposed to think when you come across a level 58 with nothing but an amulet and deck that casts this spell repeatedly? Just another day in PvP, I suppose.

I decided to stop by Firecat Alley to cast my Insane Bolts - right in front of the Fireglobe Theater.

After killing myself several times, I finally got in a few hits on a few enemies. I got critical hits several times, too. Sometime on myself.

The Insane Bolt spell offers many opportunities to get great shots! There are those menacing clouds, those repeated shocks, and the possibility of hitting yourself, too!

Check out that first picture - I can just see the innocent bystander yelling to the right. I also snagged a picture of the Fireglobe Theater.

In the end, I chose a picture that included the enemy, the caster, and where the focus was the bolt with some fitting red electricity below.

While we're on the topic of spells, one of my most interesting opponents today was a level 58 character who wore only an amulet and deck and used only Insane Bolts. I fought him twice. The first time, he killed himself with the first shot. The second battle, he had a weakness, which kept his first hit under 600 damage. Unfortunately, not wearing anything isn't a very effective strategy. A Judgement quickly killed him before he could manage a second hit.

I had quite a few great opponents these past few days. I've found that I'm not only learning more about what I can do to better improve my strategy, but I'm also learning what I'd do if I were PvPing on other characters with different schools. One of my most notable battles was with Ryan Iceriver.

This quickly turned into quite the battle. I knew he'd be a tougher opponent from the start, so I was not pleased to see that my Spectral Minion turned out to be one of the most useless - the Storm version. He used many blades and several traps, but I had packed on the weaknesses and Ice shields. Instead of burning power-ups on removing shields, he summoned an Ice minion to take them down for him. Fortunately, I keep my cheap AoE, Sandstorm, around for potential minions or minor hits. He did have a fair amount of shields, namely his many towers, but Hydras work wonders on taking down a good number of shields on an opponent. Spectral Blasts and minions then also make for nice extra damage. I've always played more cautiously than not. I'll never use a spell that would put me under four to six pips the following round, and I won't Judge unless it's a simple opponent or I know that I'll be finishing them off. Ryan had healing capabilities, minions, and a good strategy going. He even killed the minion once or twice, but in the end, it was tough to balance the hitting and healing, and a Judgement did over twice the required damage to kill him. Ah, PvP.

Besides no life threats or unkind words today, I had plenty of challenging enemies, too. It isn't very fun when I can get a critical Spectral Blast and completely wipe out an enemy. And I'm always learning something new.

Thanks for reading, and happy holidays! Keep an eye out for our 100th post!

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  1. I had to spend my reserve gold to get Insane Bolt :P . It was all worth it, I hit myself but had a lot of fun finding and going to the location, as well as casting the spell itself.


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