If I Were To Make A New Spell...

J Todd Coleman asked on Facebook, So, if you were to design a spell for your class, what would it be? What would would it look like? Do? To make this question more challenging, don't just make it more porwerful -- come up with something interesting, diffenerent. Bonus point if it doesnt completely overpower your class. I'd like to address his question, because I have a few ideas of my own!

Our schools, more than anything need utility spells, or some sort of addition to our previous spells. If you read my post, "Where Our Spells Are Headed," you know that they can't just keep getting more and more powerful!

We need something other than hit spells! As our level increases, all we receive is another high-rank spell that costs one more pip. I have always loved to make many, smaller moves, never huge spells. Then there's also the fact that as we wait for the pips for a rank eight spell, a Fire character may very well cast Efreet and our pips are wasted. Or maybe a Storm casts Leviathan and all of our blades are gone.

I loved Wintertusk - we got new utility spells! That's what I'd love to see. What if there was a spell called "Multiplication" that multiplied the pip cost by one and a half or two and made the spell an AoE? Or perhaps negative star spells that were used on the enemy.

I've seen some people that have suggested spells that block the next incoming critical. That's an idea.

As I said in my post about where our spells are headed, I'd like to see our old spells back in our decks. I never used Ghoul anymore. However, if I could double the pip value to four and have it be a cheap AoE, Ghoul would be the focus of my deck for basic creatures. And what if we had a spell that we could add to another that added one pip to the cost and included a stun (not valid on AoEs). I'd definitely have Banshee in there! Anything to resurrect my old spells that I never see anymore.

If you haven't read "Where Our Spells Are Headed," check it out - it suggests some interesting ideas. I'd like to extend this question to my readers - what do you think? What would you like to see as a new spell? What would it look like?


  1. I think that your ideas on adding pips are great. This could make a great addition to the sun school rather than just +damage/+acc. Multiplication could be Double pip cost to attack all enemies. The stunning one you mentioned could be addition- add one pip to stun enemy. Offensive star spells could be division- Make spells do half as much damage. (4 rds)Or subtraction- Make blades/traps worthless.
    Great ideas Swordroll!

  2. Thanks, Evan! Do you have any ideas or questions about anything? :)


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