Wizard101 Advanced Lighting in Housing, Lighting Notes, and A Challenge

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Advanced Lighting can be used a variety of ways, not just in the scenery around the Spiral. Think of the possibilities for housing. You have the ability to create the lighting to fit your style. Are you making a massive maze? Which parts have light and which don't? Obviously there will be some universal lighting here, but there is so much creative opportunity!

Naturally, I did a few more example for housing. Take this ruined ring, surrounded by greenery of all sorts.

Not only do you have those more varied and brilliant colors in the second image, but because of the nature of the design, the lighting shining though is very bright. Think of the additions to some houses, like this Wizard's Watchtower!

The sky is, again, a more brilliant color, and it acts as a great light source, too. You see actual reflection in the water, things are lit where there is no light, and where there it, well, things are lighter! Take a look at this next one!

In a room where there are no windows are your only light source is the fireplace, you have some opporunities for some intense lighting schemes. This next one is one of my favorites.

The teleporter really has a glow to it, and it acts as a great source of light. You can really see it on the leaves and trees! You can even see long shadow behind leaves and my wizard because of the low light source close at hand. How's that for a "mystic" feel? Do you like trees? Even when they're growing in your home?

Since this one doesn't have too many fancy features, you can really see the added depth in the second image.

I do have to make a few notes on lighting - it would, as a few readers said, need an on and off option. For those times where you get side quests to create fires, they would remain even with advanced lighting off, but would simply be fires, like any other, in regular lighting. Because it would individually have to be added to each world, perhaps it could only be added to those released after its release. It would work like Armor Piercing - it's only available on gear that's released after its release. Areas that are purposely dark as a challenge would have a door or gate in front of the so that it works like the interior and exterior of a house - they'd be two separate areas. The one with the need for the darkness would not have the option to turn advanced lighting off. It would have to load and be introduced later in-game, so that first time players wouldn't be troubled with the possible long loading time.

With that, I have a challenge for all of you house decorators! Come up with your best room and take a screenshot, but be sure to press Ctrl + G so that you don't have your health and such blocking your housing details! Send it to swordroll@gmail.com, and I'll add advanced lighting to it, and you might see it in one of my next few blog posts!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Wow, the one with the fireplace looks AMAZING! It looks almost real, like you said in the first post, while still keeping that somewhat cartoonish look.

    (I have a couple of pictures I'll try to send in) ;)

  2. Advanced lighting would make people's graphic cards burn...

    However, I still say yes!

  3. Advanced Lighting could add a whole new element to mazes within houses. Will send as well. :)

  4. Actually, Blaze, there's no new header! There are five - it changes every time you refresh the page!


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