Top Five Rarest Pets and Where to Find Them

Everybody has their favorite pets, or at least a pet that they've spent forever farming for. Personally, my favorite is the Dark Crow, at least for my Death character! I hardly ever see these in-game, but they're an easy purchase for Arena tickets, and therefore, not rare. I define rare as something that's hard to obtain - rarely given away or made available. If you think that rare is how often you see something in the Spiral, you can consider Dark Fairies rare. You hardly ever see those - that's because no one really wants them. Naturally, you know that a certain few pets will definitely be on here, but could you own one of the top ten rarest pets of all time? And where do you get them?

Please note: only pets known to exist will have a chance to make the list.

#5... Yellow Fire Elf

Summary: The Yellow Fire Elf may not seem rare at first, but it is a retired pet, which means no more hatching or redeeming this Fire Elf. For a long time, this pet was on the list of Unknown Pets, but was made available to everyone last year. KingsIsle asked users to only redeem this pet if they voted and earned it, but several people, including well-known Central users, abused this privilege and redeemed the pet anyway. One even justified his or her conduct by saying that KingsIsle owed them something because of a late giftcard release... in Canada, even though this person is from the U.S. Anyway, if you don't have one of the these, you can't get one now! While this pet is no longer available in its first-generation form, you can obtain one by hatching.

Location: Reward for Voting for Wizard101 during the 2010 Game Developer's Choice Online Awards. Still available via hatching.

Current Rarity: 5 out of 10 

#4... Pet Rock

Summary: The Pet Rock, although an April Fool's gift, was no joke when KingsIsle released it on the first of April after a long countdown. Many were disappointed with the rock, which has crazy eyes that appear every so often and hops along with wizards of the Spiral. While still available through hatching, not many people purchased this pet because it received a talent that allowed it to occasionally cast Taunt, making enemies target you, and its talents weren't exactly the best. It was discontinued a short time after.

Location: April Fools Day 2010 gift available in the Crown Shop (discontinued), though still available through hatching.

Current Rarity: 6 out of 10 

#3... Danger Hound

Summary: The Danger Hound was an exclusive gift to Wizard101 Central members sometime ago, and is no longer available through hatching or any other means. Because it's no longer available, it has made the list. Because it was released much further back than the Yellow Fire Elf, it has outdone that pet, and because it is no longer available through hatching, it has bypassed the Pet Rock and made it to number three!

Location: Reward for Wizard101 Central users a long while ago.

Current Rarity: 7 out of 10 

#2... Pioneer Dragon

Summary: The Pioneer Dragon is one with stars and patterns on it that was given to beta testers for Wizard101. It can be dyed various colors, and was the only pet to give a "stackable" Dragonblade for a long time. You'll still find some in-game, but you'll never get one unless you have one - they aren't for sale or available through hatching, and were available so long ago, that they're number two on the list! You'll hardly ever see one with all the new pet talents out and the fact that they can't be hatched, but if you do, you've run into a beta tester.

Location: Gift for Wizard101 beta testers. 

Current Rarity: 9 out of 10 

#1... Sheep Pet

Summary: Did you even know that this pet existed? Very few people have one. Jester and Olivia, owners of Wizard101 Central, own one. They may still be available, but you won't get one unless you're a KingIsle employee or receive one as a rare gift. You certainly can't hatch one of these, you'll just end up with your pet or a Goat Monk, which can be purchased from Moo Shu. Keep an eye out, though - if you're lucky, you might happen upon an employee who has one! For these reasons, the Sheep Pet has made number one on the list!

Location: For KingsIsle employees or received as a rare gift for a service to the game or community.

Current Rarity: 10 out of 10 

These top five pets will eventually leave the Spiral forever (with the exception of one or two) as these few generations of wizards leave the game.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where are the Seraph and Spider Golem? I never see those. These do exist, and are out there somewhere! They're drops from the second Smogger. Yes, they're hard to come by, but you can get them as drops or hatch for them.

What about other retired Crown Shop pets? You can still find these on other players for hatching, and because they aren't too terribly rare, or were released after the Pet Rock, they aren't on the list.

What about the Shardtail Dragon and other Beckett pets? A bunch of these are given away all the time, and many of them were given away with the 10,000 codes on MOG's website. They can also be found in Back Issues of Massive Online Gamer's magazines, which you can find a variety of places. There could also be several of these magazines around that belong to non-Wizard101 players who received the magazine and use other game codes, but still have perfectly good ones for Wizard101 items. They have also been available on KI Free Games from time to time.


  1. Benjamin DragonswordJanuary 5, 2012 at 6:42 PM

    friendly once said on his blog that if you find "Thomas Lionblood", the way to tell whether they're the real friendly is to ask them to show you the sheep pet. And are you sure that you can't get yellow elf from hatching? If you really can't get it from hatching, i wonder what you get if you hatch two of them together...

  2. What about the boar knight? I believe he's a waterworks drop, and I've never seen it before.

  3. @ Benjamin Dragonsword - I am fairly certain on that Yellow Elf. I think it's like some other promo pets. If you already HAVE a Yellow Fire Elf, I'm thinking that you always have a chance to get your pet back, but if you tried to hatch with one and didn't have it, you'd get your pet back for sure. So two of them produces two more, but no one that doesn't have one gets one. At least that's what I understand.

    @Anonymous - You missed out! I was giving away a Boar Knight plus 1000 crowns for a contest, with 2nd-5th place receiving a Wyvern's Hoard! Speaking of which, I am planning to get my computer, which turned out to have a horrible virus or two... or ten, so I'll be announcing winners likely within the next week! I do have more I'll be giving away in the future, so keep your eyes on the blog, but KI also said that they'd be giving them away as a membership bundle at some point, so there's that. It was given to all Wizard101 players with a valid email for Thanksgiving, and while it is no longer a drop from Waterworks, it was at one point. Because it was a drop, is available for hatching, was given away at Thanksgiving, and has plans to be placed with a membership deal in the future, it didn't quite make the list! They're not too bad, mostly for looks, though.

    Excuse any mistakes in my comments, Internet Explorer does not have spell-check, and I don't have my laptop at the moment, it's being cleaned up.

  4. I love my danger hound a lot! My suspicions were confirmed when I saw that they were on the list. :) Thanks Swordroll!

  5. I hatched my Yellow Elf with a friend who didn't get one and she got it :)

  6. well i have #'s one-three

    If only i had the sheep

  7. You can't get a sheep from hatching with two sheep?

  8. @Anonymous(1) - That's irritating! KingsIsle said that the Yellow Elf would never again be available, but you can hatch it!

    @Anonymous(3) - You might, but you'd have to have a sheep first, meaning that if you don't have a sheep, you'll never get one. However, I believe that it makes a Goat Monk every time, but don't quote me on that.

  9. DO you know anyone that have a pioneer dragoon?

    1. LoL, ya i know a friend with one. Didn't think anything of it at the time.

  10. @Anonymous - I know many that may have them, but not anyone specific that has one for sure.

  11. wait what about the death beetle?you can't get them any more...

    1. yes you can i got one not long ago

  12. The danger hound was specifically for central's first birthday. That's how I got mine. However they are re-releasing it so it won't be rare anymore.

  13. You can hatch a fire elf AND kifreegames still gives them out, my friend got one like a week ago

    The danger hound is being released again by wizard101central, EVERYONE who enters this raffle gets one

  14. I know for a fact that frontier dragon can be hatched, as I got one by hatching recently, and my friend Suri hatched a yellow elf with someone else a few weeks ago and got it :)

  15. i have the pet rock

  16. I have a pioneer dragon :) i remember playing in beta


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