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It's time to test out the first of a brand new segment - feature posts! The "LionRider King," or Nicholas LionRider, has agreed to be the first feature poster, with his post Proof of new worlds located in Commercial, at his blog, LionRider King. Nicholas, like so many other, including me, is very interested in anything relating to new worlds or areas, or so it seems. I chose his post as the first feature post, because it's something that could be a real hint to the future of the game, and it seems that only he picked it up. And with that, I'll begin our first feature post, where we'll enter the realm on Morganthe theorycrafting, possible new worlds, the latest storyline, the council of light, and more!

After Malistaire's death, Kingsisle needed a new villain - one that was even more powerful than before. Morganthe was their choice, and even her name raised many immediate questions. Merle Ambrose could be compared to Merlin. Merlin's worst enemy was Morgan Le Fay, similar to Morganthe. Merle, at one point, even admitted once knowing her... and it was all downhill from there! (Morganthe Theorycrafting by Swordroll)

As exciting as new worlds are, they all lead to the bottom line - Morganthe, and that's exactly why taking advantage of these possible hints from KingsIsle is so important. Upon first view of KingsIsle's video, I didn't notice them at all. See if you can see the new worlds, now that you know they're there.

Some worlds are obvious, some, not so much. However, with careful observation, you can make out two new possible worlds - one with a skull and one that looks like a turtle-back. Here's a closer look.

Convinced? The initial suspicious thing was that the skull world appeared twice, making it look like it was meant to be a sort of "placeholder" world like the red land forms floating around the Spiral in Ambrose's tower now. However, upon further review, it looks as if other worlds were repeated, too, which makes me think that this is a subtle hint from KingsIsle about upcoming worlds.

We were first introduced to Morganthe in a tower released before Celestia. We learned from Halston Balestrom that through a crazy contraption, he received a message letting him know that a long-lost colleague was lost in an underwater world called Celestia. We followed the trail of a villain known as the "Umbra Queen" at the time ("Umbra" means shade or shadow). We ventured into an optional Marleybone clock tower that proved to be one of the toughest areas of its time. The final Shadow-Weaver boss left us with the prophecy - The mirror will break, the horn will call, from the shadows I strike, and the skies will fall!  (Morganthe Theorycrafting by Swordroll)

The prophecy allows us to explore potential world ideas in Wizard101's future, and the continuation of the Morganthe storyline. To begin with, I fit Celestia to the breaking on the mirror. Celestia was once a fantastic place in among the stars, and was later concealed underwater by the Storm titan. Ironic, isn't it, that we've met two of the three titans in separate storylines, and the third and final (and most powerful for that matter) seems to work with the theme here. When you look in water, you see what? A reflection, of course. I saw the water as the "mirror" and by aiding Celestia is protecting its magic, we prevented colossal damage to the Celestians, just like what happened above water, therefore breaking the mirror. I was wrong, there.

In the next world, Zafaria, which was supposedly one of Morganthe's previous homes, we stumbled upon Morganthe and her plot to break "the council's barrier" and steal back her Deck of Shadows. In Mirror Lake, the final instance, which you can no longer teleport into, she revealed her power full force in unleashing some of her most powerful minions yet! She drained the lake, "breaking" it, and claimed her deck from the depths of a tower below. She is fulfilling the prophecy line by line, world by world, so it is reasonable to expect that there will be about three more worlds for this storyline, each with increasing difficulty. We have to analyze her prophecy, and the world scheme. (Morganthe Theorycrafting by Swordroll)

That brings us to these potential new worlds. 

Today KingsIsle released the new commecial on Zafaria and one world with a skull on it (possible death world) and another on top of a giant turtle. I have mulitple ideas and will go into my theory on each. I also would like to give credit to Luke Goldhorn who found the first world I discovered the second and he took pictures of both. Now here they are. (Proof of new worlds located in Commercial by LionRider King)

LionRider king proceeded to share his ideas on the new worlds - a skull world, possibly related to Greek mythology and the underworld. It'd be fitting, seeing that we haven't had a Myth based world yet. He also mentioned that the Native Americans believed that the world was on the back of a giant lizard, crocodile, etc. It varied. This was a variation - a literal world on the back of a turtle, just as the Native Americans said. That means that you can bet that this world has some sort of Native American theme to it.

The horn will call is our next hint at a new world. Native Americans used horns as alarms in need and so it would make sense that his turtle back world is next.  (Proof of new worlds located in Commercial by LionRider King)

Of course, then there's the question of where we'll go next, and when the skull world works itself into the plot. Could this be the part of the prophecy that says "I strike from the shadows?" Or will it be Morganthe's final hiding place?

From this and other information, I've drawn a few conclusions. The next world may be one called Ravenstork. This may possibly be information leaked from an employee, but who knows. Be sure to quote me on that, though, because I'll be mentioning this post when it is. The last world will be Empyrea. Remember the "sky squids" one shopkeeper mentioned in Wysteria? This is where the final line of Morganthe's prophecy will come true - a sky world, where she plans to begin her overtaking of the Spiral, by fulfilling the last line metaphorically, as with Mirror Lake.  (Morganthe Theorycrafting by Swordroll)

So there's my guess at the name - Ravenstork. Or maybe that's the next bit of the Grizzleheim storyline. Anyway, This makes me wonder if, after the next, turtle-back world, we'll be going to Empyrea for the last two lines of the prophecy and then chasing Morganthe to her "home-world." Anyway...

I still think that a Persian world is somewhere in line, perhaps an extension of Wysteria, into Mirage, I think the white rabbit might give us some clues... follow the white rabbit?...the turtle world strikes me as being Aztec or Mayan for some reason, i could see panthers and jaguars, perhaps some sloths. I am also hoping to that the home world of the Sprite in Wysteria is also on the list of worlds to come, I think that the stained glass look of her wings might suggest a gothic cathedral type world though the gobblins also come from there and it also has a woodsie feel about it. And lets not forget that per Ambrose (facebook) we are not done questing in MoosSu either, or MooShu still has more to offer us, again this might refrence back to Wysteria. And there is Wysteria itself, seams like the start of a much larger world/story line involvment there, perhaps we find out that the head mistress is related to Morganthe or even perhaps Morganthe in disguise. (via Discussion Thread by ML Hagan)

That's something that interested me - we're not done questing in MooShu. I think that that's because of the Council of Light - the Emperor is part of it. 

What better than a few clouds to have a hidden area for the "Council of Light?" And that odd thing about Merlin and Morgan Le Fay? Yes, I don't know that we'll be the only ones confronting Morganthe! My guess is that there is much to come and Merle Ambrose is withholding a bit of information that will be revealed in the future.  (Morganthe Theorycrafting by Swordroll)

The Council of Light, as per my theorycfrating, resides in Empyrea, a world where "sky squids" are mentioned, and where Morganthe will literally make the "skies fall." I imagine that Ambrose, Greyrose, the Emperor of MooShu, and others are a part of it.

While we can all think of ways to make the possibilities for these new worlds fit together, not all of them say that the "skull world" will be related to Morganthe, or even a shadowy world at all. In fact, several Central users had a different idea altogether.

I would like to think it as of a death and/or pirate-themed world, like scurvy or with more sense skull island.  (via Discussion Thread by Fin3cy6)

That just about wraps up our discussion of possibilities for these potential new worlds discovered in the video. Thanks again to LionRider King for allowing me to use his post as our first feature post! Please check out these links for more information on this subject.

3 world leaks in the Zafaria update by Triton-forum investigater (That's the way he spells it)

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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  1. I heard about our next world being a world called Avalon. That is where Morganthe is going to find the Horn of Guidance.


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