New Backgrounds and Grub Guardian Level Videos and Big UK/European Tournaments!

It's been a busy weekend, but I'm back this afternoon to bring you new backgrounds and Grub Guardian level videos! Plus, there are several massive tournaments happening throughout the European Wizard101 countries, and the UK! If you haven't checked out the Backgrounds page or the Grub Guardian Guide (GGG or Triple G), be sure to look at them, and leave a comment, too, but not without checking the Comment Rules!

Check out the Backgrounds page first for 16 new backgrounds! Here's a preview:

Be sure to check out the Grub Guardian Guide for THREE new videos for getting gold on various levels! The new level videos include Colossus Boulevard, The Oasis, and the Tomb of Storms.

As far as "Around the World" news goes, there's a few great tournaments going on! For all European countries, the PvP servers will be joining together for a massive tournament! Dueling Diego says:

In a few days, the whistle of the tournament Wizard101 will be given in the arena of Wizard City. The winner may choose between 10,000 crowns or Club Membership Wizard. During the training phase and the tournament, player-against-player duels will be free for all wizards and witches! We will soon have more information.

As for the UK, they have their own special tournament with some great prizes! Check out  for more information!

That's all for today! Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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  1. thank you so much for the help with tomb of storms, you are awesome!


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