Test Realm is Online With New Transformations!

The Test Realm is up and running, and KingsIsle has some new surprises for you - new transformations! Don't be fooled, it isn't all bad, some of these are really great, and big, too! They all have a special way of swimming, too, so take a look at pictures and more below! There are fourteen total!

The Wolf Warrior transformation is a large, Grizzleheim wolf, which is much larger than th ordinary wizard. He uses one hand and his feet to claw and force his way through the water. In his idle time, he does a fancy, twirling display with his weapon.

The Draconian transformation will have you flying through Wizard City - literally. You fly with this transformation! In the idle time, the draconian will constantly shuffle and move its feet slightly. It swims like you'd expect a wizard to - it paddles to the side with its arms. While it's a little bit bigger than a wizard, it isn't overly large.

The Fire Salamander transformation hops along gleefully. Standing slightly taller than a wizard, this thin mander claps in its idle time. It does a "doggy-paddle" underwater, but easily propels itself forward when swimming.

The Fire Elemental transformation is quite large, or tall anyway. It looks almost like it's walking, if that's what it does, and looks very similar underwater.

The Rat Thief transformation resembles the hooded rats in Marleybone, and hops along. It's not quite the height of a wizard. When backing up, you simply slide, however. In its idle time, it occasionally scratches itself. It swims exactly like a wizard.

The Earth Elemental transformation walks like you'd expect an Earth Elemental to walk. He kicks his "feet" up behind him. While relatively large, much larger than a wizard, the size is still manageable. It occasionally growls in idle time, and underwater, he spreads his great arms and drifts slightly upward. When swimming, he falls slightly behind, and uses the massive arm that isn't holding a sword to push himself ahead of regular speed until it evens out. The camera still moves at the same speed.

The War Pig transformation is a little bit... or quite a bit smaller. It holds a big axe like pigs in MooShu. It stretches its arms. in idle time. It is about the height of a wizard, and runs like a ninja pig. Underwater, it uses only one arm to keep itself from sinking, and swims speedily with that same arm.

The Skeletal Pirate transformation is basically like the Skeleton transformation and swims like a wizard.

With the Dark Fairy transformation, you'll look just like those adorable first fairies in Unicorn Way, but with a few more blue sparks. You'll fly along as usual and swim like a wizard, but with your wings facing downward. With this, your pet might be bigger than you... hope you feed it!

The Cyclops transformation is like those in Cyclops Lane, and they walk like them, too. He can jump pretty high, and is taller than a wizard to start with. It swims and turns with one arm again, and when it backs up underwater, it's pretty funny looking.  It looks almost like it's doing the backstroke, but its head is still upward, and its body is vertical.

The Wolf Scout transformation is like the smaller wolves in the caves and between the cliffs in Mirkholm Jeep. It hop-walks, and has a wizard-like jump. His arms are flailing while he swims.

The Ninja Pig transformation is like the free one you received some time ago. When he jumps, he strikes a pose before coming back down. His swimming is the awesome part. He uses his sword as a propeller. Underwater, it will spin and propel itself upward in idle time. Unfortunately, capturing the spinning motion in one frame isn't possible.

The Cat Thug transformation is about the height of the mander. While it looks like the pet, it runs, unlike the ones in Marleybone. Underwater, it swims very oddly in place. He uses his two big arms to move forward.

The Magma Man transformation is basically the Evil Snowman's fire version. Underwater, he seems to do ark circles, and the coals at the bottom of the Magma Man are turning and moving.

In other news, on the Test Realm, the starter wands have switched around. Previously, you received a wand with all rank 1 spell except your school's, and then your school's wand with 0 pip hits after defeating Rattlebones. Now it's the other way around.

Expect the Holiday Contest Winners, Player Submissions, Question of the Week, and other various updates to be posted this coming Monday!

Remember, when there's something new, no matter what country of Wizard101 it's in, be sure to check Swordroll's Blog! Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral... no matter what form you're in!


  1. Cool add me on wizard101 (Alexandra LifeBreath)

  2. For the cyclops transformation, when left idle for a bit, it looks like he's getting ready to hit a baseball (you can see pictures of it in some of my various posts on wizard101 central).

  3. Oh yeah, also some of the old transformations have changed.
    1. The fire elf no longer flies backwards when it jumps and fires it's arrow.
    2. the skeleton now looks like rattlebones (i.e. it's now black and golden).
    3. The clockwork golem has had it's animations changed, and so have the other clockworks (minus the iron golems/potbellies)/

  4. Wow I love the rat thieves


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