Top Five Spiral Hangouts and Discussion of the Day

Looking for some new friends? Maybe a new hat or robe, or looking to farm for the latest pet drop? Maybe you're simply "taking a look" at other people's pets. Need someplace to make use of your time or just somewhere to hang out? Everybody has their favorite spot, but five stand out more than others as being the few places you'll find the most people in their spare time with friends. It's time to look at the top five Spiral "hangouts," and keep reading for a discussion on using treasure cards in PvP.

#5... New Boots, Anyone?

Hehe... you see that I've gotten more clever, hmm? You won't just be able to read the numbers and scroll through this post just like that, you'll have to read the descriptions to figure out the actualy location! New Boots... no, not the Wizard City shoe store. You surely knew that it'd be in here somewhere... the Bazaar! People often refer to there time here as "sniping." One Central member even has a clever signature with the in-game message: "Shopping: This item has already been sold," and the words below it: "Story of my life." I did a post on the Bazaar, actually, and the many things you can find there. Many reagent hunters prefer the Bazaar to some of the more populated hunting areas. Whenever you stop in to this Olde Town attraction, you're sure to run into a variety of people. I'll warn you - I'm having my computer looked at, and while I remembered to copy the Wizard101 pictures, I forgot the Watermark, so I'm using a temporary one.

#4... My Turn to Go First!

It's quite a common dispute in this area, and deciding who exactly goes first is quite random. Despite the fact that many are in the middle of matches, the Arena has made the top five list. While you can oftentimes see your friends in the lobby, the Arena is built for friends. You can find matches through a separate tab for them, or teleport to friends in a match and watch them. Because of these important factors, the Arena has been named number four on the list of Spiral hangouts!

#3... I've Got the Gold If You've Got the Time

When spending time doing this in this area, you often are faced with two challenges - the need of gold and the need or time, or rather, a timer. To fill in those blanks, you'd write "hatches," and "the Pet Pavilion." Thanks to its many opportunites such as gaming, hatching, and generally watching players and their pets, the Pet Pavilion has been named number three of the list of top five Spiral hangouts. If you though "Bazaar sniping" was strange, watching players and their pets in the Hatchery, even when you don't have the gold to hatch, takes stalking to a whole new level!

#2... Take One Guess

Despite it being one of the first places you're introduced to, the Commons would be a rather uncommon guess here. Seeing as it's thought of as being swarmed with low level players wanting treasure cards, you might think that the Commons is rather void of high level players, but you'd be surprised! The latest discussions, Zeke purchases, minigames, and parties all tend to take place in the Commons. This makes it number two on the list.

#1... I'll Be This For the Holidays

Yes, I seem to have given it away here, but I figured that if you've made it this far, you'll want to read number one! By an overwhelming majority, houses take the cake for the number one spot to hang out with friends! Many parties happen in homes, and why not? Ever since we upgraded from our small dorms and received the option to customize these castles, they've been popular hangout areas.

Today's Discussion of the Day is about treasure cards in PvP. Should high level wizards be able to use cards outside of their school's limits, even if they haven't trained them? Should low level wizards be able to spam Tower Shield, even if they aren't high enough level to train it?

First, here are a few opinions from eli955's thread on Central. Check out the thread HERE.

Here's my opinion on the matter. "Treasure Cards" are part of your Sidedeck. They were intended for use of any level wizard, or the use would have been restricted. After the release of Celestia, Polymorph treasure cards were big in low level PvP. These were soon made untradable and level restrictions were placed on them. If low level wizards were intended not to use Tower Shield if they couldn't train it, why wouldn't the card be level restricted to certain levels? Why would it be for sale in a free to play area for gold? These treasure cards are just that, treasure. You can only use them once, and you pay heavy prices for some of them. If you could only use treasure cards according to your current level, there would be no point - you could go train Kraken or whatever else you were after. Many high level treasure cards now require the gaining of power pips, or being a certain school.

 Any way you look at it, this is not only intended by KingsIsle, but also something everyone can do. If you can do it, too, why is it cheating on the part of the opponent? While there are some obvious cheap shots, like Insane Bolt, spells like that will show in their ranking. You see those Warlords with hundreds of battles to their name, and yet, they somehow have nearly as many losses as they do wins! I've seen 400 to 350 ratios on Warlords! Most people that are angry because they've lost to those using treasure cards beyond their level are just that - angry, and oftentimes inexperienced duelists. They somehow let their opponent, one by one, build up the pips for a large and powerful spell, without throwing something like a Tower Shield themselves. They can even get shields of nearly any school on level five amulets, despite the fact that you can't train school shields until level ten. This is just another sign that this is intended by KI. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

If you're wondering where the Holiday Contest Winners are, you'll see them soon. There's been a slight delay. You see, as I said, my computer is being looked at, and all of my recording software in on that computer. The one I'm using now is one that I don't want to clutter with downloads. I want to show the video so that you know you weren't cheated in any way. Stay tuned, and see you in the Spiral!

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