Raven's Hoard Pack and "Unknown Pet Files" Update

Ever wanted a special bow? Maybe a unique sword? How about a raven mount? Or a two person raven mount that can carry one of your friends? Or some Wintertusk furniture like frozen warriors, owls, and snowy trees? Plus, a rare pet from the "Unknown Pet Files" has been revealed! All this and more below!

With the introduction of the Raven's Hoard, KingsIsle has provided a definite distraction from Grub Guardians and gaming in general.

The above is a shot of one of my first few packs, actually, getting the one person raven mount, which is quite impressive. The below image is this high-flying raven mount in action!

I immediately fell in love with this pack! It had Wintertusk furniture including icy trees, snow piles, frozen warriors, pillars and stones of all sorts, new breakfast pans, and more!

There are also three new looking weapons, including a sword, two-handed axe, and bow. Your character even does some creative motions with a few of them.

I can't wait to create a couple of interesting areas with this new furniture. Almost everything has a snowy base, which means that those hoping for a snowy floor with actual texture, they can use rugs and piles and items to create it.

The below is a picture of many more packs in... anyway, here's the Blood Raven, a mount that will pick up people in your group and transport them with you. It is the second every two-passenger mount, and the first that doesn't come with a bundle.

Of course, everyone was interested in a ride, so naturally, I spent a good long time flying people around in the commons, and some friends, too.

Somewhere in those packs, though, a few interesting things came up. Take a look at this pet...

A Storm Bird! An Ice Beetle also came up, and you know what that means...

Of course, this doesn't mean you won't be seeing the other scheduled posts, so keep watching, and if you decide to purchase a pack or two, good luck! See the full page at https://www.wizard101.com/game/ravens-hoard-pack.

See you in the Spiral!

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