New Grub Guardian Videos, Crowns Sale, and "Other Stuff"

Been stuck on Grub Guardians? Not to worry, I've got a bunch of new levels for you - not just guides to completing them, but guides to getting gold medals on them! You should also check out the limited time crowns sale, and take a look at my "Fact of the Day" and in-game meetup with Blaze Shadowhorn! Check it out!

There's quite a few new ones here...

Pyramid of the Sun


Hyde Park

Chelsea Court

The Ironworks

Kensington Park

Shiritaki Temple

There's a crowns sale going on right now - up to 50% more crowns for your money through the 16th! If you buy 2500 or 5000 crowns, you'll get a 10% bonus. If you buy 13750 crowns, you'll get a 20% bonus. If you buy 30,000 crowns, you'll get a 33% bonus, and for the maximum savings, 60,000 crowns gets you a 50% bonus! Check out THIS page to see more!

Now, you can't leave just yet! I have a few more random things for you. First, a little bit of a random fact. Did you know that the double-bladed axe (spelling variation of "ax" if you're curious) that the Minotaur pet holds has one side that is fire, and one that's ice? You can see it in the concept work, too.

It's too bad that they don't make a wand like that for wizards, that would be a very nice touch to several outfits.

Yesterday, in-game I got to meet up with Blaze Shadowhorn, owner of Tales of the Spiral. The first picture in this post is the two of us in the arena.

We stopped by his "Garden of Peace/Confusion," seeing that I couldn't follow him very easily, and took a quick picture, chatted for a bit, etc. For those of your that don't know, Blaze Shadowhorn not only runs his blog, but also is a part of the Spiral Live podcast!

Don't forget - I'm still taking submissions if you want to see your in-game screenshots with the Advanced Lighting setting. Just send them to I'll plan on posting these in the next week, so if you've got some, hurry and send them in!

That's all for today! Be sure to check out the Grub Guardian Guide with all of the videos! Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!

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