Fact or Myth: Wizard City Edition

Did a tree really throw together the Spiral? Was Malistaire really a teacher at Ravenwood? Is Elik's Edge really home to a frost giant? All of this and more in the first edition of Fact of Myth - the Wizard City version!

Fact or Myth? Bartleby put the Spiral together by himself.

Grandmother Raven assisted Bartleby in the creations of the Spiral.

Fact or Myth? Merle Ambrose knows Fire magic.

It is never proven that Merle knows specific Fire magic, even though it's likely.

Fact or Myth? Malistaire was once a professor at Ravenwood.

Malistaire once instructed the Death students.

Fact or Myth? Cyrus Drake is Malistaire's twin brother.

Yes, they're twins!

Fact or Myth? Merle Ambrose has a pet named Gamma.

It's his pet owl!

Fact or Myth? Elik's Edge is an area where a frost giant is sometimes summoned.

If you're lucky, you'll see questing students summon the giant!

Fact or Myth? An important relic, the Eye of Mystery, has gone missing.

Bartleby lost the Eye of HISTORY, if you've done you're homework!

Fact or Myth? You'll occasionally see a Judgement in the Commons.

Fact! Balance students summon one there for an early quest!

Fact or Myth? Grandmother Raven is the oldest known being in existence.

Bartleby outdoes Grandmother Raven in years.

Fact or Myth? Bartleby's children are responsible for the initial destruction of the Spiral.

Bartleby's children tore the Spiral apart - they were the titans!

Fact or Myth? The Professors know the Spiral's secrets better than anyone or anything else at Ravenwood.

The trees at Ravenwood know the secrets of the Spiral best.

Fact or Myth? Magic existed before the written word.


Fact or Myth? Fire, Ice, and Storm, the initial types of magic, come from the first three worlds of the Spiral.

The first three types of magic come from Bartleby's children - the titans!

Fact or Myth? The power of Myth, Life, and Death comes from within the wizard casting the spells.

True! Spiritual wizards rely on mind, body, and soul for power.

Fact or Myth? Balance magic combines all of the schools' elements.

Balance "balances" all aspects of each school.

Fact or Myth? Storm magic is about creativity.

I don't consider Insane Bolt spamming creative, but that wasn't how Storm was intended to be used.

Fact or Myth? Life wizards can more effectively heal others than themselves.

Life wizards are built to heal others, yes, but they can heal themselves better.

Fact or Myth? Dalia Famlea enjoys soft Jazz.


Fact or Myth? Alhazred likes rainstorms.

Alhazred actually DISLIKES rainstorms... and students stepping on his tail!

Fact or Myth? Death magic sits between Ice and Storm.

Death draws on the power from each of these elements.

Fact or Myth? Myth wizards can normally get rid of shields.

True. This is what the school is built for with double hits and two spells that remove all shields from enemies.

Fact or Myth? Lydia Greyrose enjoys windy days.

Professor Greyrose would prefer days without, or at least with less, wind.

Fact or Myth? Swordroll knows all of the secrets of the Spiral.

What do you think? Maybe some things are best left a mystery...

Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!


  1. That last one might be a fact, is it the Daily Double?
    Also, how in the Spiral did you take that screenshot at the top, if you did at all?

  2. Daily Double? Hmm...

    No, the first picture is one from KingsIsle. If you ever see their screens, they have several special buttons, some that I assume will give them the ability to move the camera around for pictures.


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