New Segment: Feature Posts

I'd like to give you a little insight as to what you'll be seeing a few of in the next few days, weeks, etc. around the blog. You see, there are so many great bloggers that cover a specific topic, or a specific topic from a unique angle, and I'd love to talk about that topic on my blog, while avoiding any "copying" issues or any other potential problems. In the next week, you may be receiving an email asking to use one of your posts as a feature post. Don't be alarmed, I'm not doing any guest posts here, just something a little different.

I will call these posts Feature Posts, and I'll have a cheesy little logo like I do for Discussion of the Day, PvP Talk, Question of the Week, Wizard101 Around the World, etc. First, if you receive an email asking to be part of a feature post, here's what will likely be asked of you if you're interested:

  • Permission to post tidbits from the featured post on this blog
  • Permission to use a picture of your website with the Feature Post logo
  • Your participation in a few questions about the post or further explanations of your views

When you read a Feature Post, you won't be reading a reiteration of what the original poster talked about. You'll be reading bits from the post, my thoughts and opinions, and commentary from the community, and, well... I'll just let you take a look at the composition!

  • Introduction of the original poster and his or her post 
  • Introduction to original poster's blog or website
  • Summary of original poster's post
  • My personal comments
  • Wizard101 Central threads pertaining to the topic
  • Wizard101 Central original post and subject discussion thread created by Swordroll specifically for the post
  • Commentary via Wizard101 Central, Facebook, and Twitter from the community
  • Collection of links pertaining to the topic including a link to the original post and blog as well as the discussion thread.

You are invited to take part in the discussions threads for each feature post. An announcement will be made regarding upcoming Feature Posts with links to a discussion thread and information on how you can further get involved. The header picture for the post will look like the following with your blog or website in the background.

[100% strength 1-layer blur, 50% opacity black 1-layer brush, logo]

If you do not publicly have an email available, you may receive a message through a comment. You will likely be directed to this post.

As I said, before Feature Posts, you'll receive some sort of notification about your participation being required. Something like "Feature Post Announcement" will likely be added to the end of the post title. I'll be looking around for various posts, so feel free to make recommendations, with the idea in mind that I'm not only looking for specific types of posts, but also ones that I'd like to talk about.

If you're interested in offering one of your posts, or have been re-directed here because you do not have a public email address, please contact me at Thanks! I hope you'll enjoy this new segment!

In other news, check out J Todd Coleman's Facebook page - You'll probably see something that looks familiar there!

It's good to know now that I have a few more than one or two wizards at least vaguely interested in the blog! *wink*

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!


  1. Haha sweet post Jason! I can't wait to read your first Featured Post :D Good luck!

    -Blaze Shadowhorn

  2. Awesome idea! Not only that, but you'll also in a way be helping them to get new readers... since they'll probably want to see more from that blogger. :)

    Can't wait to see them!

    Until then,
    To the Spiral!
    -Morgrim Trollfriend

  3. I saw you wanted to see one of my posts and I thought sure why not. I would love to I am a big fan and so sure I give you permission :)

  4. I think it's neat, like your recent posts overall. Here are simply a few ideas:

    Continue the great posts man!

  5. @AutumnalDusk - Have you considered my interest in one of your posts?


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