New Backgrounds and Grub Guardian Videos

Trying for some larger prizes on Grub Guardian? I've got some new videos for you, including Celestia through Stormriven! Check out some of these new guides! There are also some new backgrounds to take a look at. Maybe you'd like a scenic, Wizard City photo as your background? Or perhaps a large group of wizards represents you best. From huge octopus tentacles to the ins and outs of the arena, this newest set of 16 images has plenty of choices.

Let's start with the backgrounds - here's a previews of a few of them. As always, you can find all of the now 64 backgrounds on the Backgrounds page.

Here are the NEW Grub Guardian video guides to getting gold on a certain level. You might try that Stormriven one several times, because I've come out with all sorts of high-level gold awards (540, 1200) and major elixirs of all types!

Grand Chasm

Red Claw Outpost


Survey Camp

The Floating Land


Despite the fact that those Celestia tracks are marked "Extreme," they only took one or two tries to obtain gold on. It's those levels like the Basilica and Hrundle Fjord that are giving me trouble. For awhile, this will be your last batch of videos because the rest of the tracks are quite difficult, though I will be filling in missing spaces over time. If you have some strategies for me, let me know!

Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!


  1. Can you plz make the trail of the spheres video, i srsly can't beat it, no matter what i try i can't beat it. i tried with all combinations, and my pet is fire. Please make the Grub Guardian - gold medal on trail of the spheres video because i cannot beat it.

  2. Can you put a video for hrundle fjord please!!

  3. what kills the black bird on the last wave of hrundle fjord?

    1. I believe a Death tower would do it. If not, just try lots of power! I have a video if that'd help.

  4. Is it possible to beat stormriven with an adult pet? I've been trying for a while and it doesn't seem so. I have an adult life, myth, and storm pet. Everything else are babies.

    1. Stormriven is one of the harder levels and I can barely seem to get by with the Epic pet, but I assume you could get by with an Ancient pet. Adult would be really tough. If it were Life, possibly. Otherwise, I'd try leveling one (specifically Life) to Ancient at least.

    2. I have a ancient fire gnome and I could finish it with 10 grub

    3. if you want to finish hrundle fjord, here are the instructions : 1.get a ancient fire pet. star guardian
      3.put 2 gorillas next to the grub (to the left and right.)
      4.turn them into star bosses.
      5.make make star protecters next to each star boss.'re done


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