Transformations Are Live, New Gear, Save on Crowns, and Feature Post Announcement!

All of the great transformations you saw in one of my previous posts have now hit the live realm, but they haven't come alone - there's new gear, and some of it is quite impressive! Get out your spending crowns, because it isn't cheap, though. Take a quick look at some of the transformations, or view them all HERE, and then see all of the new gear all in one post! I'm also ready to announce my first Feature Post, and I need your participation!

Transformations are live! That means that you can turn into a Draconian, Wolf Warrior, Cyclops, or just about anything else that comes to mind! Remember, check out the following post for pictures of the transformations on land and underwater! You should especially try out that ninja pig underwater! Here's the post link:

In addition to the transformations, KingsIsle surprised us with new level 70 gear, including an interesting wand! Here are the item names and prices!

Name // Price in crowns // Price in gold

Splendid Attire // 12,500
Springstep Attire // 12,500
Whiteblind Attire // 12,500
Fire Dancer Attire // 12,500
Lightning Dancer Attire // 12,500
Sly Rogue Attire // 12,500
Forlorn Soul Attire // 12,500
Decorous Paragon Attire // 12,500
Crescent Axe of the Astrals // 5,995
All Transformations // 75 // 500

Here are the photos of the new sets of gear and the new wand (it is held like any other two-handed weapon, though I wish it was like a staff).

The general gear, the Splendid Attire, looks like some of the retired Astral gear. The rest looks like an elegant set of gear with school specific designs on each piece, and a school symbol on the back of the cape.

Right now, you can save 25% on crowns. That means 60,000 crowns costs you only $60, which means you pay $1 for 1,000 crowns! Take advantage of this limited time deal at!

***With this update, they've also updated the gifting window. You now have only ten pages instead of 25. Your gifts are still there, you just need to accept current ones before new ones will appear next time you log in.

And with that, I'd like to make the announcement that the first Feature Post in around the corner! To start off, I've opened up a discussion thread HERE at Wizard101 Central for the first one, and you can also respond here if you like, but stop by Central and give the thread a bump or comment. Here's the beginning of the discussion:

In one of KingsIsle's latest videos, you see a world with a skull and another world that looks as though it's on the back of a turtle. The video is "Welcome to Zafaria," and it's very different from other videos. It has a new, more advanced look to the Wizard101, more of those animated scenes, including one of Morganthe freezing an enemy, and it gives the Spiral a new look. After recently reading a blog post (I'll post the link once/if it's approved), I realized that I hadn't even thought to pay attention to the Spiral at first, and sure enough, both of the mentioned worlds were there. 

Here are a few questions to get the discussion of these potential new worlds started:

What are your opinions? Do the new worlds look like something to add to the commercial, or hints from KingsIsle?

What cultural references and real-world places do you think these worlds might be based off of?

How might these worlds continue and work with the Morganthe storyline?

Any ideas for potential bosses/mobs/places/etc.?

I'll add things as necessary. Thanks for your participation in this discussion!

Feel free to add any thoughts or comments, and watch for the first Feature Post! Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!


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