It's Back!

After days of repair and virus scans, my computer has finally returned to my possession, but not quite as soon as I'd expected. Now that everything is cleaned up and ready to go, and Wizard101 is in the process of loading, I'm carefully downloading the required programs for editing and recording several bits for the next few posts. Here's a look at the next week or so of posts.

Expect the following to be included, not necessarily all of, next week's posts:

More Grub Guardians Tip, A Guide, and Question of the Week
A second post on Grub Guardians, with a rather large guide, plus videos on getting gold on each level. You should note that they won't all be there to start with, but they will be added as completed. This will be its own page. This post will also include more screenshots from the game, including max silver. I'll also answer a wand selection question from Tristan Goldenhaven.

Holiday Contest Winners and Player Submissions
Includes the holiday contest winners for a Boar Knight plus 1,000 crowns or one of four Wyvern's Hoard Packs. You'll also see player submissions of houses to try with the Advanced Lighting setting. It isn't too late, therefore, to send them to!

Various Updates
Updates to Crown Shop items, Wizard101 Facebook, and Abracadoodle. Subject to additions.

Anyway, be sure to keep an eye on the blog for updates! Thanks you all, and see you in the Spiral!


  1. It must be such a relief to get your computer back, good luck getting it back up and running again. Your upcoming topics look great, I look forward to reading them. I really enjoyed your first Grub Guardian post, it was great, and must have taken so much work. Excellent!

  2. @Rowan WindFlower - Thanks! Glad you're looking forward to what's coming up, because I'm certainly looking forward to posting it!


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