Pack-A-Palooza, Free Items, Friendship Festival Begins, and Various Updates

I'm beginning to think that we need the ability to purchase attic upgrades with gold because of all of the items I've got. And remember when I mentioned a possible Pack-A-Palooza? Well it's here, and the Nightmare pack has returned. There's also a new hoard pack being released later this month. The Kirin's Hoard pack is just around, the corner, too. All packs will be up to 50% off. If you aren't overwhelmed yet, the Friendship Festival has begun, Wizard101 UK is hosting a Valentine's Day banner contest, Wizard101 Central is having massive giveaways, including the new mount from the new pack, Wizard101 is giving away one free pack item to every account, as well as offering a chance to win more items everyday on Facebook and Twitter, plus they're joining up with a major gaming news site so that you can win the newest mount in-game. If you're not over on yet, continue reading for more information.

First, Pack-A-Palooza! It's already up and running, and you can see all of the details at!

As you can see in the picture above, we'll be getting a new pack with new possible gear, a new mount, and what looks to be a new pet. This celebration only lasts through the 12th, so you can expect the pack before then. You should also check out Wizard101 on Facebook and Twitter every day for a chance to win cool pack items! You can now also redeem the code "pack" for a random item from a random pack. Who knows... it could be a mount!

The Friendship Festival has begun in Wizard City now, and Valentine Heartsong is in the Spiral by the fountain in the Shopping District with her two pets and many wands! You can learn more by reading this month's Ravenwood Bulletin at

Before you go, there are a few things you should be updated on...

Click HERE to learn more information on how to create a new forum banner for Valentine's Day in Wizard101 UK.

Check out Wizard101 Central's holiday contests for your chance to win Blood Raven and Raven mounts, the new Kirin mount, the pet you saw in the above picture, and more!

Noticed new icons at the bottom of the page? Soon, you'll be able to see posts by topic, by clicking on these buttons, so that you can ready what you're interesting in! Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!


  1. IDK if you guys answer questions but if you guys can give me unlimited crowns on w101 cause its an awesome game and i try to play it every day of my life

    Alex Silverspear

  2. @Anonymous - Sorry, no one, not even Wizard101, ever gives away free unlimited crowns, though you could win some over at You can also win a variety of other items and prizes.


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