Kirin's Hoard Pack: A First Look

Picture Credit: Shadowaaron46
As you can see, even though the Kirin's Hoard Pack hasn't been released yet, we're already seeing the mount and pets around the Spiral. We've seen multiple colors of the pet, called a Foo Dog, and multiple colors of the mount. How do people already have these rarities? That's part of the post, of course.

We've already seen a Blue and Black Kirin mount thanks to some Central users. Wizard101 gave away a random code for an item found in one of their packs, and that included the unreleased Kirin's Hoard Pack, which meant the varieties of mounts and pets.

Picture Credit: Shadowaaron46

This detailed mount is already confirmed to have come in a variety of colors, like the Wyverns. That's a good marketing strategy on KI's part, and don't go all "Gambling" on me, because you know my opinion - it isn't gambling. By definition, walking down the street is gambling, so we can't really use that. 

Picture Credit: Reflexion
When you insert a quarter into a claw machine, you're risking it all for nothing. You can find one of those machines in your local Wal-Mart, and last time I checked, the store wasn't rated Everyone 10+. It's like Jester's example - you're paying a quarter/crowns for a gumball/7 cards. Some flavors taste better than others, but you always get your gumball/7 cards.

Picture Credit: Reflexion

This time, we're also seeing the pet in a variety of colors. Reportedly, there's Lavender, Orange, and even Elemental, among others. They look to give a rank three card of their suggested school. For example, the Lavender one gives a Storm Shark, and the Orange one gives a Sunbird.

Picture Credit: Snwbear24

As far as a Foo Dog's first generation talents go, I can't say I know exactly what they are or if they're any good. You see, one person got one from the random items, and it and others started spreading like wildfire over Central, and now they're all over already.

I can't say for sure what other official fansites are getting, but Central and it's entire staff all received codes for Kirin mounts and Foo Dog pets. I just thought I'd share those pictures and tidbits of information before the packs release. Thanks for readings and see you in the Spiral!

Picture Credit: ~PerrythePlatypus~


  1. About the gambling thing: I still say it's gambling. When you go to a casino, you might by definition "win" by getting a small prize, but in practice, you've lost, because the value of the prize is less then the amount of money to put in to get it. It's the same with the packs. A more accurate analogy to describe the packs would be; you pay $5 to get 7 rocks. There's a chance that any one of those might be a rare diamond or sapphire, but it's much more likely that you'll just get pebbles.

    Plus, the only way to get the gear in these packs is by participating in this system of gambling. I'd be find with them if there was some way to get a bow outside of buying packs, or if the skelly dragon mount was a separate item in the crowns shop, but sadly this is not the case. The only way to get a shot at these items is by buying pack...

    ..after pack...

    after pack.

  2. That's definitely a fair argument, but you're still paying for 7 rocks - the bottom line - and you're always getting at least that.

    While it's unfortunate that these rare items are only available with the pack, that's the only way they'd sell them. We both know it'd be a much better deal just to buy it directly. :)

    Companies will be companies, I suppose.

  3. pretty much btw, some inside information.

    the only made these packs for their new place somwhere in asia ....

    thats also why the new world is taking so long, o btw deadling was supposed to be in march -_- we'll see if they make it.


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