The Kirin's Hoard Pack and Animation Introduction

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What you're seeing above is an animation of the Silver Kirin in its idle time. Get used to a special new way to get your pictures - in-game animations! You'll known exactly how something moves, walks, runs, or whatever else it does with these new animations. Don't worry, you'll still find your regular pictures, you'll just be getting these new animations, too. Already wanting to know how to make one? Don't worry, that's an upcoming post. With that, I'll introduce the Kirin's Hoard Pack! Take a chance at three colors of Kirin mounts, and six different Foo Dogs, as well as new, interactive bobble-heads and other items - including gear and weapons! Plus, learn where you can win/earn free codes for a Kirin Mount or win/earn free codes for Foo Dogs! You could win a pack and your own Wizard101 Central animated avatar. It's all here in the latest post - The Kirin's Hoard Pack!

It's definitely been a few days. A few extremely busy days, that is. No worries, though, I'm back and ready to go. As a side note, if the animations don't automatically work, try clicking on them.

With the release of the Kirin's Hoard, there hasn't been as much buzz. In fact, I haven't noticed as much as any pack before, and it seems to get less and less exciting with each pack. Even though I still believe it isn't gambling, KI needs to take a less money-driven route and try to release content like new towers or locations. Our last several updates, that basically filled all of January, and the beginning of February, have been Crown Shop updates. While it's considered new content, it's really a return to that street that KingsIsle takes to make money. We need to make a ninety degree turn and take Content Road to someplace else.

"If you do not like them do not buy them. But I agree these packs are getting "boring" and I want some new updates other than packs. They seem to be resorting to quick updates with these "packs". Ill be waiting for a real update like a new tower, or something other than packs. Kingsisle what are we suppose to do with the skeleton key we got from Briskbreeze tower? (3 years later..)" (Johnny, Wizard101 Central)

Johnny is exactly right. By now, they've surely got a template for the packs, all they got to do is design a few new mounts, gear, swords, and begin placing the items in the packs. I'll admit that it definitely takes time to apply all of the statistics, make sure they're balanced, test everything, and release the pack, but we still need something else.

That being said, the Kirin mount and new gear is extremely well-designed. I still don't like two-handed weapons at all, but the sword itself definitely looks nice. The mounts are amazingly detailed, and, of course, I had to have one. Not only have they offered three different colors of Kirin mounts, there's also six different Foo Dogs, and they're spreading like wildfire through hatches and packs. One person even got four Foo Dogs and a Kirin mount in one pack. Talk about luck. Speaking of which, I'd love to share what I've come across.

I went light on these packs, I've not yet reached level 70, so there's no sense in going too in-depth, but I did get a few.

I'm happy to report that on my second pack, I received a Silver Kirin Mount. Along the way, I came across some of the new, interactive bobble-heads, and a couple of other notable items. Here are a couple of my purchases.

I'm fine for now.

In other news, I've seen a lot of people with animated avatars of their characters on Wizard101 Central, so I contacted the person that's been making them, and although she later changed her mind, she wanted something in return at the time. Consequently, I spend some time learning how to create them myself, and have made several.

Liking what you see? If you want one, search Swordroll on Wizard101 Central and look for my latest thread - I'm giving away a pack and three animated avatars! All you've got to do is fill out a quick, five-question survey!
I'll soon be making a tutorial on my blog, but that contest and other posts definitely have priority, so don't overlook them! I will be showing you some of my creations, though.

Click to see animation

That's all for today. As always, thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!

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  1. Nice Wizard101Central avatars! I saw them on your central post one time, I thought they were nice, I love this animation stuff!


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