Win a Foo Dog, Feature Post and Blogroll Reminders, and Crown Shop Update

It's time for a small contest exclusively for blog readers. While I encourage you to subscribe and become a member, all you have to do to qualify to enter is to be reading this post. Now, you've got to do some work for the contest, but if you're reading this, you can enter. I'd also like to remind you about what's coming up this weekend - our second ever Feature Post! I was impressed with our first, it quickly grew to one of the top ten most popular posts of all time, and I have high hopes for this next one. In addition to that, this coming post features the blogger famous for her gardening tips and outstanding blog - Diana Wildheart! And for some time now, no one has asked to be added to the Blog List, so I'll be reminding you how to get added, and why you might be removed!

First up, I'm giving you the chance to win a code for a random Foo Dog pet. It might be any of the possible variations of the Foo Dog from the new Kirin's Hoard Pack. All you've got to do is list your three favorite posts from Swordroll's Blog with reasons why each one is your favorite! Take a look through the archives, maybe click on some topics at the bottom, and just search in general for your three favorite. To enter the contest, you must email your three favorite post titles and reasons to swordroll (at)! This contest ends on March 2nd at midnight CST! The winner will be announced in the day or days that follow.

Our second ever feature post is coming up this weekend, so get excited! Be sure to participate in the discussion HERE, and enjoy this sneak peek:

If you're very far into the blogging community, you probably know Diana Wildheart. She has agreed to share one of her many outstanding posts, PVP Passing: Good or Bad, from here blog, Diana Wildheart: Guardian Theurgist's Journal. In her post, Diana discusses the pros and cons of passing in PvP, and how some wizards take advantage of that. It isn't uncommon for massive matches to last hours, even with players who are quick with their card selection, and this issue certainly isn't helping the problem. PvP hasn't been completely on track for some time now, and it does need a few repairs, but can we ever truly enjoy PvP as we did originally, or are we forever stuck with at least a few of these unfortunate PvP problems?

Ever wondered how to be a part of the Blog List on my sidebar? All you've got to do is ask! Here are a few possible ways to be added or removed from the list.

Possible Ways to Get Added to the List
1. Leave a comment on any blog post
2. Follow/Contact us on Twitter and have your blog listed with your name
3. Email me at swordroll (at) with your blog name requesting to be listed
4. Link to us on your site and have at least one person visit our site because of your link

Possible Ways to Get Removed From the List
1. Do not post to your blog for more than one month
2. Post something inappropriate
3. Act in a rude or unnecessary manner (on this blog or elsewhere)
4. Email me at swordroll (at) with your blog name requesting to be removed

The Crown Shop has been updated to include all of the crown items from around the Spiral! Pick up your favorite pets and gear with a few click of a button - no need to travel to a different world, or be forced to teleport to someone to purchase gear. Don't worry though, if you had the option to purchase these items with gold before, you still have that option.

Don't forget - Contest, Discussion, Blogroll, Crown Shop! Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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