Fact or Myth: Krokotopia Edition

So now you know that Bartleby didn't put the Spiral all together by himself, that Elik's Edge IS where an ice giant is sometimes summoned, and that Merle Ambrose has a pet named Gamma... but that is just one world of the Spiral. What about Krokotopia? Is there really a hidden shop there? Can you actually access those rooms blocked off in the Pyramid of the Sun? All of this and more in another edition of Fact or Myth - Krokotopia!

Fact or Myth? The Altar of Kings divides into three sub-locations.

That's right... pretty self-explanatory. 

Fact or Myth? You will end up entering more than three doors as you unlock the blocked ones in the Altar of Kings.

Nope! Only three other locations in the Altar of Kings!

Fact or Myth? There are two entrances to the Throne Room of Fire.

Fact! You can enter or exit from two different sides. It can serve as a shortcut once you have access.

Fact or Myth? The Krokosphinx's island is home to the school of Balance.

Which unfortunately means that free players that are Balance won't be able to learn spells past a certain point.

Fact or Myth? At some point, you will have the option to join the Order of the Fang.

Fact! You can earn the Order of the Fang badge, too.

Fact or Myth? Malistaire arrived in Krokotopia to steal the Krokonomicon.

Fact! Our whole mission in Krokotopia might have stopped Malistaire's plot if we'd have been quicker.

Fact or Myth? Two pillars, when properly lit, will open the portal to Krokotopia's secret shop.

Fact! Krokotopia's secret shop sells a variety of decks, a pet, and has a secret trainer outside.

Fact or Myth? You obtain the Master of the Oasis badge upon completing all of Krokotopia's main quests.

To get this badge, you need to complete all Krokotopia quests.

Fact or Myth? After killing Orrick Nightglider, the guard tells you that he said something was "coming to the Spiral..." and that Krokotopia was the next step!

And yet, months later, we haven't seen it.

Fact or Myth? The Chamber of Fire is home to the Nirini Quartermaster.

Fact! This is a repeatable boss in the Chamber of Fire.

Fact or Myth? The Temple of Storms is where you encounter Krokotopia's first boss.

Quite the contrary, actually. Here you encounter Krokotopia's final boss!

Fact or Myth? Prince Aka Karanahn is a Krok that works with you.

He's one of the many Krokotopian bosses!

Fact or Myth? Crazed Slaves have 310 health.

Fact! Crazed Slaves have 310 health.

Fact or Myth? The first step to the Emperor's Retreat is defeating two bosses.

Fact! You'll have to defeat two Krok bosses to unlock the gate to the Frozen Lake!

Fact or Myth? Upon defeating Krokhotep, you discover a silver scarab.

The scarab you discover is gold!

Fact or Myth? There are four bosses in the Vault of Ice.

Four bosses, one goal, and none of them are happy about it.

Fact or Myth? Krokopatra drops one of the best Storm robes in Krokotopia.

She is Storm, after all.

That concludes this round of Fact or Myth! On a side note, look for the announcement for the next feature post tomorrow! Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!


  1. What, nothing on the secret puzzle room in the karahnan barracks? :P


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