Zafaria Pt. 5: The Changes - Test Realm Updates, and Remembering Our Veterans

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Having been looking around Twitter, I noticed that they'd updated the Test Realm, so I decided to log on and check it out. None of my levels or progress had been lost. I first checked the Crown Shop and found some interesting new changes! They've got Epic new gear available!

It seems unfair that the Spiritual schools have less Armor Piercing, but the new gear is definitely nice! I don't think that we'll see much of it, however. Besides the fact that other armor offers better statistics, it also costs crowns, 12500 per set, and is not available for gold.

The Sidhe Attire has been updated to give universal bonuses and cards. It also has the look of the old, Astral gear.

The Sidhe Staff is now correctly shown:

The level 50 and above henchman are now creatures of the Spiral!

Sirens' attack power has been decreased from 915 to 880!
Other Spells are being checked - Fire has NOT changed.

The Spirit Caller Drum recipe has changed, and the quest now requires two of them.

Chimera now does 30 or 40 more damage per head.

Gnomes! has NOT been changed.
Katzenstein's Monster has been renamed to Dr. Von's Monster and now adds a 25% Infection.

Basilisk has NOT been changed.

Queen Elissa's Tomb's puzzle is now working, though you cannot get to the entrance because the elephant trunk is impassable. The barrier inside can be passed without completion of the puzzle. There is also a new picture that is shared at the end:

Enemies and supposedly bosses now have more health.
I'm not sure if badges were previously in place, but they are now, including Zafaria Explorer and Hero of Zafaria!

The Zafaria World Map is now available!

There are also some new shots that I'd like to share with you, but that's for later. I'd like to wish you a Happy Veteran's Day, and ask that you remember what it's all about, and the people that keep our country free. In honor of the event, Wizard101 is giving a Valor Shield out. You can redeem this beautiful wall hanging once per account. Open the game window for a link or visit the Ravenwood News at!

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  1. Awesome! I'm glad they brought back the old "astral" looking cloaks.


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