Minor Blog Changes

I'd like to share with you five recent updates made to the blog:

1. The URLs "swordroll.com" and "swordroll.blogspot.com" will now redirect to the site's proper address, "www.swordroll.com." If this is not yet working for you, it will be fully up and running by tomorrow (Monday) night.

2. The "Like what you read? ..." sign will no longer be posted at the end of each post. We'd like our readers to subscribe only if they'd like to, and this cannot be read by wizards who speak other languages.

3. There are now comment rules. You can see this page on our "Pages" tab on the sidebar, and there is a link directly above each area in which you can post.
4. All comments are now moderated. This is to prevent spam/inappropriate/duplicate messages from showing up. In this way, you can lose your posting privileges by commenting with something inappropriate - none of your future comments will be approved.

5. You will now see a maximum of only five posts on the main page to speed up loading time. I invite you, however, to visit "Older Posts" - that link is at the bottom of the page, or the "Blog Archive" or "Popular Posts" on our sidebar.

These changes are purely to increase the enjoyability of the readers. If you have any questions on why these changes were implemented, please leave a comment, which I will happily respond to after it's approved! Thanks, and see you in the Spiral!

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  1. Awesome! I agree with #4 especially. That is exactly why I have my comments moderated, plus then I know when the comments are coming in. :)


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