"10 Comments on the Update," Zafaria Facts, and Sirens Obtained!

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While I did mention a Zafaria Part 5 Post, we'll be taking a short break. For a long time, my last "10 Comments on the Update" was one of my top ten most popular posts, so I believe I'll do another. Don't hold your breath, my humor completely depends on your perspective of things, and something tells me that mine isn't normal.

1. Zomething tellz me that thiz world haz zomething againzt certain letterz of the alphabet.

2. "I'm sorry, I can't take you seriously with that Elephant Transformation on."

3. Storm... Siren... 915, remove two blades, -50% accuracy, and reduced threat on all enemies... It's time to retire from PvP.
4. Armor Piercing? I just had this polished!

10. "What? You said I should go for
 a more natural look."
5. Claw of the Ghost Wolf... Feed to Pet. Lifeforce Blade... Feed to Pet... oops, I meant equip. Ring of Wolf Lore... Feed to Pet. Pet Ninja Pig with selfish talents... Feed to Pet?

6. Evil Zebras, huh? Look at them run! They're acting like animals!

7. "Get your head out of the trees and concentrate!"

8. This athame costs 80,000 gold!? Do you take "I.O.U.s?"

9. I don't think this Dragonspyre Theme music goes with your Tranquil Cottage.

10. See Picture

Again, just thought I'd throw that out there. Nothing too special.

Here are a few facts about Zafaria and the updates that you ought to know if you don't already:
  • The level 70 title is "Transcended"
  • There are new, rank 9 spells for each school
  • There are new Astral Spells including two auras and two sun enchantments
  • Accuracy cards including Sniper and above now give Armor Piercing
  • Armor Piercing comes from gear, cards, and pet talents
  • Armor Piercing is the ability to ignore resist and shield
  • 30% Armor Piercing means a Tower shield only protects from 20% of the damage
  • There is new gear up to level 70, though we lose universal resist, and this gear is more like Celestia's
  • There are new wands
  • You must be level 60 and have completed the quest "Through This Door" to enter Zafaria
  • There are cheating bosses in Zafaria
  • Zafaria is part of the Morganthe storyline, and you will encounter her, but not fight her
  • The final area is an instance
  • The Wizard City furniture shopkeeper sells a music player for 1000 gold and the WC and KT Theme scrolls for 500 gold each. Others are dropped around the spiral. These change the music in your house.
  • There are three new mounts: The Krokogator (spelling?), Hippogriff, and Ostrich.
  • There are two new known pets: The Leopard and the Skink
  • The is a new Legendary crafting quest
  • Character Statistic screens have been changed slightly
  • You can now feed your pets any useless junk in your inventory... you cannot feed them other pets, however.
  • There will be a new tower-defense style minigame called Grub Guardians that will allow you to train you pet from your mobile device.
  • There are new trainable gardening spells
  • The new Zeke quest is for "Monkees"
Well that's about it!

So I'd been so busy that I'd completed Zafaria, gotten to level 70, and still had yet to get my spell - Sirens!

The quest was horribly easy. First, an introduction to Sirens in Celestia. We then had to defeat a different Hoarder with about 7500 health that was Death. I decided that I wanted to practice for the Live Realm, so I did it without any henchman or elixirs. I won easily with a few different spells and finished with nearly full health. Then you'll stop by the pond in Cyclops Lane and you're done! The fact that Sirens disorient you probably sparked the idea for the blade removable, Black Mantle, and pacification.

I was going to test it out in PvP, but the Arena is empty!


  1. Benjamin DragonswordNovember 7, 2011 at 3:51 PM

    i think that siren is a little overpowered, although it is a great concept. I also believe that they will change the siren boss's name before it hits live. It also seems that it is even weaker than the 58 bosses (efreet boss-hardest fight i ever did), so i hope they do make a couple changes. I cant wait for zafaria to go live (i use crowns, so no test)

  2. I think that all of the schools fight the same boss, though I do agree that the boss is much too easy.


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