Morganthe Theorycrafting and Super Crowns Sale For One Day Only!

After Malistaire's death, Kingsisle needed a new villain - one that was even more powerful than before. Morganthe was their choice, and even her name raised many immediate questions. Merle Ambrose could be compared to Merlin. Merlin's worst enemy was Morgan Le Fay, similar to Morganthe. Merle, at one point, even admitted once knowing her... and it was all downhill from there!

We were first introduced to Morganthe in a tower released before Celestia. We learned from Halston Balestrom that through a crazy contraption, he received a message letting him know that a long-lost colleague was lost in an underwater world called Celestia. We followed the trail of a villain known as the "Umbra Queen" at the time ("Umbra" means shade or shadow). We ventured into an optional Marleybone clock tower that proved to be one of the toughest areas of its time. The final Shadow-Weaver boss left us with the prophecy - The mirror will break, the horn will call, from the shadows I strike, and the skies will fall!

In the next world, Zafaria, which was supposedly one of Morganthe's previous homes, we stumbled upon Morganthe and her plot to break "the council's barrier" and steal back her Deck of Shadows. In Mirror Lake, the final instance, which you can no longer teleport into, she revealed her power full force in unleashing some of her most powerful minions yet! She drained the lake, "breaking" it, and claimed her deck from the depths of a tower below. She is fulfilling the prophecy line by line, world by world, so it is reasonable to expect that there will be about three more worlds for this storyline, each with increasing difficulty. We have to analyze her prophecy, and the world scheme. 

Celestia was mentioned back in Wizard City, and I've always hoped that they'd tie in side worlds somehow. In Wysteria, several other worlds were mentioned. Zafaria is somewhat similar to Wizard City. It's build around a main tree, with areas surrounding it, and is an introduction to a story arc. The next world could somewhat mirror Krokotopia - it could be Mirage, and could be based on Sultan's Palace, and Zafaria was based on the Super Bundle.

One thing that I've noticed is that we've encounter two of three of the original titans - the Fire and the Ice. That's leaves us with the Storm. We've also been introduced to several other bits and pieces of Spiral secrets. For example, the final boss in the Briskbreeze Tower said something about "coming to the Spiral" an the guard there wondered how it was possible. We also know now of a Council of Light. The Council definitely includes Ambrose, and possibly others like Diego and Greyrose. The hall in Wysteria oddly pictures a wizard similar to Ambrose, as well as Diego, the Moo Shu emperor, and others, even one resembling Malistaire. The Moo Shu emperor was later recognized as being part of the council. Coincidence? 

Avalon on Polaris were mentioned, too. Is Avalon a medieval themed world based on the Mega Bundle? Or just another coincidence? Among other names were Gobblerton, Mirage, Weirwood, Empyrea, and Yago.

From this and other information, I've drawn a few conclusions. The next world may be one called Ravenstork. This may possibly be information leaked from an employee, but who knows. Be sure to quote me on that, though, because I'll be mentioning this post when it is. The last world will be Empyrea. Remember the "sky squids" one shopkeeper mentioned in Wysteria? This is where the final line of Morganthe's prophecy will come true - a sky world, where she plans to begin her overtaking of the Spiral, by fulfilling the last line metaphorically, as with Mirror Lake. Think of the coincidences here - a sky world - what better place to encounter the Storm Titan? And what better than a few clouds to have a hidden area for the "Council of Light?" And that odd thing about Merlin and Morgan Le Fay? Yes, I don't know that we'll be the only ones confronting Morganthe! My guess is that there is much to come and Merle Ambrose is withholding a bit of information that will be revealed in the future. For future worlds, remember this post, and don't forget - The mirrror will break and the horn will call. I strike from the shadows and the skies will fall!"

Morganthe can obviously use some sort of odd magic as she did to drain Mirror Lake - remember, she said something in an odd language, sort of an incantation. Either way, Morganthe is a force to be reckoned with, and as she grows in power, the storyline heats up at an ever increasing rate.

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  1. Interesting theory, i'm still betting on a spider world though :)

  2. i hope they make morganthe's dungeon is a challenge


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