Into Zafaria, Testing Something New, and Other Minor Updates

Now that all of the crazy, berserk wizards have flown through the new world, I sat down to do it at my own pace on my own. I say on my own, but I am running two accounts through together at the moment.

As far as Zafaria goes, I haven't tried many battles with the new, updated creatures and such, so there's something new there. In fact, it's been some time since I've done Zafaria, or so it seems, so I'm ready to do it again! (And again, and again, and possibly again)

I have, however, considered waiting to do the next world in the Live Realm. The Test Realm does spoil many a surprise. Then I remember the feeling when entering a new world... and it isn't just a new world! They've got all sorts of updates they release with each world, and at first, it's all overwhelming. The gear, the bosses, the locations... what will be the best new gear? What are the new spells and how will they work? You're almost rushed into it and it's easy to sink in over your head with new features, which makes getting used to everything on the Test Realm appealing.

I've progressed through the first area and into the Savannah now, and let me say, these quests are quite tedious! I'm not yet finished with the area, and have already have two badges for defeating over 100 lions! Talk about an afternoon's work! I'm not sure that this is what those who asked for a challenge meant, but they certainly got one!

As I continue to make my way through Zafaria, it is less crowded, but I see that I'm not the only one who likes to take things slow. I'm hoping that I'm nearing the end of the Savannah and will soon journey into the lush, green brush of Zamunda and its surroundings.

If you're reading this far, you've probably noticed that I tried something different. You didn't see a "humongo-post," as I tend to create, on the front page. You had to click "Read More >>." This saves space and allows the front page to display a number of topics. Let me know what you think by commenting.

You may have also caught that there's a new watermark/title used on the header and photos to let readers know where they are. I'd also like some feedback on this!

There isn't much other news from Kingsisle today - let me know what you think of recent game and blog updates by commenting, and happy questing in Zafaria!

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