The Epic Bundle Is Now Available Online, Design Your Own Gear Contest Winners, and Other Notes

The previously retired Epic Bundle is back! It's available online now at! It's $39 as usual, but lacks an options for membership - it's now only available with 5000 crowns. You can now buy your favorite Epic Clothing, Fierce Hound, Massive Fantasy Palace, and more with the Epic Bundle!

The Design Your Own Gear Contest winners have been announced!
Despite the fact that certain programs seem to want to automatically stretch my photos, I've taken a screenshot of the winners to the right! You can see all of the finalists at

Congratulations to all of the finalists and winners!

In other news, I've started the first few basic, monster-free areas of Zafaria, but I'd like to give it a bit of cooldown time. It seems that while some are already level 68 or above, others like myself have hardly started, so there's quite a range of wizards. This time through, I'll spend a bit more time enjoying the dialogue, and testing the skills of one or two of my wizards without any henchman help!

As far as the blog goes, Popular Tags has been removed to downsize the sidebar. I'm always looking for feedback and what's most effective on the sidebar, so be sure to let me know.

Good luck on your quest to complete Zafaria... and keep an eye out for Morganthe!

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