Zafaria Pt. 2: Shadow Weavers in the Shadows - Zamunda Outskirts and Zamunda

The Zamunda Outskirts are the first place where things aren't horribly crowded. In fact, there's hardly anyone here! We also get a glimpse of the Rhinos for the first time, as well as a change of scenery! The first Rhinos belong to the Moon school.

The huge Zebra statues here are much larger than they looked in pictures. Upon entering Zamunda I came across a surprise - the ratio of enemies to wizards was now three to one! Three enemies for every one wizard. After a few other battles, though, I realized that someone must have joined and fled... or so I thought.

At the start, here, there, again, are quite a few "street" battles, and I was ready to defeat some more Shadow Weavers and continue the Morganthe plot from the core. Apparently, the Shadow Weavers weren't around...

I'm learning that a lot of the insides of huts and building are designed differently and look really nice. I was still excited with Zafaria - there were many places yet to explore! Upon further travel between Zamunda and the Zamunda Outskirts, I discovered the first of the Elephant enemies as well. Lately I've seen a bunch of Myth creatures in this world.
After a lot, and I mean a lot, of battles, I finally ran into the next Shadow Weaver boss! Interest Spiked!

Later, after exploring the King's Tomb and more general quests, I took a boat to the Stone Town!

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