Happy Thanksgiving, Graphic Notes, and New Mounts in the Crown Shop!

As a player in the Wizard101 community, I have endless things and people to be thankful for. I'd like to note just a few...

Paige Moonshade and The Friendly Necromancer have been key aspects to my blog and game. I love to get all of my updates from a variety of blogs, but specifically these two. They're always out to help and assist.

Cassandra Dragonheart has joined me in endless raven runs back when the final bosses of Grizzleheim were one of the best farming spots. She and Sorceress Miklai also put up with me through Test Realm runs of Celestia, even when I lead them off track to the side quests. You can be sure that I won't forget the main quest chain there again.
Lord Stormrider and Veridia for quite generously helping me with countless hatches, and always being around to have a conversation with.

The Heroic Pyromancer had been great to talk to about blogging. He once recognized my character in game where we had a conversation, too. I think we both share a love for blogging.

Christo Deathgiver and Fiona Wildshade for pointing my wizard in the right direction and playing a fantastic joke on me during a raven run that had me seriously worried.

As I mentioned, there are too many here to list, these are only a few. As a wizard, there are countless things for me to be thankful for as well. There's the Bazaar, good friends, Kingsisle, etc.

To all readers and wizards - Happy Thanksgiving!

A few graphic notes on the blog:

  • The top and bottom corners of blog posts and sidebar tool are all rounded, but depending on your browser, you may not see them all.
  • A new header has been placed, vote on the poll to let me know what you think.
  • If the poll is appearing in an extra long box, refresh the page to correct the error!
There are new mounts in the crown shop! The Hippogriff and Crokagator are now available for purchase.

Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for reading!

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  1. Good post as always and the only problem I have with the header is the words i think its a bit boring (Awful Plain, though the black is a nice touch). Maybe add a slightly different color font, like keep "swordroll's" the same and change the color of the word blog.


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