"10 Signs You've Been in Zafaria Too Long," and Save 50% on the Wyvern's Hoard!

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You didn't think you'd escape my Zafaria posts so easily, did you?

Here they are... 10 Signs You've Been in Zafaria Too Long!

1. You ztart to have troublez while zaying zpecific wordz.

2. You've wanted a real-life leopard pet!

3. You start seeing other wizards wearing black and white striped outfits... or wait, is that a Zebra?
4. You feel a strong desire to obtain the title "King of the Jungle."

10. When you see a Zebra, your lion-like instincts change
your screen to "chase mode."
5. You've looked at all four of the thrones in the Baobab Crown and have yours picked out.

6. There are cave paintings in your house.

7. When you look in a mirror or visit a lake, you start whispering "the mirror will break..."

8. Your attention is spiked when you hear the sound of a horn.

9. Questions that keep you awake at night: Is the Crokagator a Crocodile or an Alligator, or is it both?

10. See picture.

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  1. You forgot compulsive need to say "Jambo!" over and over and over and over and over....




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