Zafaria Goes Live Tomorrow Morning!

On your Wizard101 game window:

That's right! Tomorrow, you'll be seeing Zafaria in the Live Realm. Their timing was terrible, I'll be away all weekend. When I'm back Sunday afternoon, look for my journeys in Zafaria! This time, though, there'll be more farming for gear, wands, and other items. Then there will have to be some crafting for my Legendary badge and I'll be making a few customizable signs and chalkboards, plus some gear for several characters. I'm wondering what excitement will come with repeating Zafaria... about five more times. There were a lot of repetitive battles.

Here are a few minor updates that are coming with Zafaria, Music Players, Armor Piercing, New Henchman, New Character Stat Windows, Level 70, Level 68 Spells, New Astral Spells, Pet Feeding, and, wait... odd capitalization? Oh wait, that's just me.
  • Maximum gold has been increased to 250 000
  • Quest Tracker now points to the correct location in Dragonspyre for the "It's an Honor" quest! Hurray!
  • Boar Knight has been removed from rewards tables. You'll see this item return soon in promotions, rewards and special offers on the site.
  • Many spells were 'hanging around' in the center of the duel circle after they'd been cast will now leave when they're supposed to. If you see this happen, send a bug report to our support team at
A relatively short post in comparison with previous ones, and, again, I'll be away for the weekend, but expect updates on Sunday! As always, thanks for reading!

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