Zafaria Pt. 1: Getting Friendly With the Natives - Boabab Crossroads, Boabab Crown, Boabab Marketplace, and the Savannah

It's time adventure into Zafaria to see just what's waiting for me. Naturally, pictures speak louder than words, so this post will be quite a gallery, with the occasional bit of information!

Your first and main locations with all NPCs is the Boabab Crossroads. This where just about every locations intersects and where all your quests begin.

You'll eventually journey to the Boabab Crown, a room of royalty which includes the library, where you'll get your History Book quests. The quest, in all reality, however, asks you to explore writings on rocks and in small areas, it isn't like a book. You also fight your first, mutant Shadow Weaver boss here.

The Boabab Marketplace has all of your shops and the second of your enemies and the boat dock you saw in the first picture preview.
The Savannah is your first real location and will have you running all over the place before you're finished, not to mention force you to confront your second Shadow Weaver boss is such a small number of locations. The roads remind me of Wintertusk - one way and long and winding. The Savannah is quite interesting, and looks nice. After quite a few "street" fights here, you start to get the slightest bit bored with it. Some of the creatures here are quite impressive, and upon journey into the Water Hole, I was even more impressed. So far, I've made short work of these locations, and I can't seem to see Morganthe having lived here! Here's some great pictures, so let others know about us!

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