Zafaria Pt. 3: Hello, Elephant Nation - Stone Town, the Waterfront, and Drum Jungle

Stone Town was the first location that didn't completely have me interested. If you're sick of "street" battles, you'll hate this location. First you need to gather this, then that, then fight a few of these, then fight the same thing again for something else, then create a distraction, etc. It has been quite irritating doing it alone, but I'm making progress. The little zoo is the only interesting point here, that and maybe the Palace. The Zoo has different habitats with pets and even a wizard!

Zafaria has begun to tire me, and I need an interest spark here sometime soon. It had been getting slightly more challenging, but I can still manage by myself. XP Boost Elixirs are helping my on my way to level 70. The title is "Transcended."

There are no wisps here in Stone Town, which means that I have to take the boat back to the Market every time I need health.

The Elephants here are quite annoying. At one point, as a distraction, you need to defeat five of one type, but there are no area with only that type, and you don't always get two, or even one, in the battle. I'm hoping that I'm getting closer to finished with this location.
Before long, I took another boat to the Waterfront. It looks very similar to Stone Town but included the Black Palace, so I was excited! Of course, the first thing we do there is another battle.

So after, I fought the cheating boss Belloq, which was a challenge. He was fun, though, and thanks to Katherine Light's guide, easy, too.

I then found the next quest quite funny, but maybe I'd just gotten too bored with the location. We entered the ship's barge for a quest called "Barge Right In." The inside was well decorated.

There, so far, have been very few annoying fight quests in this location, and I'm getting more and more excited for the Black Palace.

Before long, I journeyed to the Drum Jungle, pictured in the second preview. We discover apes, flamingos, and more!

The Drum Jungle was exciting because of the amazing scenery... and the Elephant Graveyard was on the map! I found that the Drum Jungle was fairly fast-paced and enjoyable.

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