Wizard101 Surprises Players With Update Changes

The Test Realm has been open for some time now, however, contrary to the usual update, Wizard101 changed a few things here and there, and added one or two new items. One of the highlights is a new pet pack that offers and opportunity for a variety of interesting new pets! As usual, I've got pictures and information for you - check it out!

While some sites will pull everyone else's photos and use them, I always ask permission. Because there are many owners of a variety of different photos, I'll only be posting a few of which I have taken or asked permission to use.


First off, there are new pets in a brand-new pet pack (which is currently unavailable)! There are 14 as far as I know. Here are the pets and some of their known talents, include some awesome new "may casts" and other healing talents, etc.

There is a new Deer Knight pet, with a pedigree of 70 that gives a Feint card with a possibility of new/notable talents including The Deer Knight Rises (gives one Deer Knight card) and Brazen Berserker (may cast "Berserk" spell).

There is a new Smith pet, with a pedigree of 62 that gives a Cooldown card with a possibility of new/notable talents including Conviction (gives one Conviction card) and Fearless Fortifier (may cast "Fortify" spell).

There is a new Wildfire Treant pet, with a pedigree of 56 that gives a Power Link card with a possibility of new/notable talents including Blazing Oak (gives one Wildfire Treant card) and Lively (incoming health bonus).

There is a new Ram Warrior pet, with a pedigree of 49 that gives a Pierce card with a possibility of new/notable talents including Defender (critical block bonus) and Bullheaded (gives one Minotaur card).

There is a new Ladybug pet, with a pedigree of 41 that gives a Unicorn card with a possibility of new/notable talents including Batusi (may cast "Lifebat" spell) and Medic (outgoing health bonus).

There is a new Tailstorm Pantera pet, with a pedigree of 49 that gives a Disarm card with a possibility of new/notable talents including Critical Striker (critical bonus) and Stormclaw (gives one Storm Cat card).

There is a new Toaddle pet, with a pedigree of 62 that gives a Cleanse Charm card with a possibility of new/notable talents including Incredibly Infallible (may cast "Infallible" spell) and Boss Toad (gives one Boss Toad card [Storm, 4 pips, 70%, 595-675 Storm damage]).

There is a new Burlap Boy pet, with a pedigree of 56 that gives a Clockwork Golem card with a possibility of new/notable talents including Spirit Armor (gives one Spirit Armor card) and Magnificent Mender (may cast "Mend" spell).

There is a new Chameleon pet, with a pedigree of 46 that gives a Hydra card with a possibility of new/notable talents including Vehement Vanquisher (may cast "Conviction" spell).

There is a new Meow Wing pet, with a pedigree of 60 that gives a Cleanse Ward card.

There is a new Scorpion pet, with a pedigree of 44 that gives a Scorpion card.

There is a new Frosty Fish pet, with a pedigree of 45 that gives a Frostbite card with a possibility of new/notable talents including Rage of Winter (gives one Blizzard card) and Armor Breaker (armor piercing bonus).

There is a new Fine Wood Golem pet, with a pedigree of 46 that gives a Wood Construct card [Storm, 3 pips, 70%, 465 Storm damage].

There is a new Fire Snowman pet, with a pedigree of 54 that gives a Magma Man card [Fire, 5 pips, 75%, 50+600 Fire damage over 3 rounds].

The above talents and statistics are photo proven. Talents that do not have a proven matching pet include Ardent Amplifier (may cast "Amplify" spell), Every Day I'm Shufflin' (gives on Reshuffle card), Muscled Cat (gives one Muscled Cat card [600-680 Myth damage]), Expert Empowerer (may cast "Empowerment" spell), and Clock Spider (???).

We also know that there are undiscovered talents still, because Strength now affects outgoing healing, armor piercing, and stun resistance. Intellect now affects critical block rating, incoming healing, and stun resistance.  Agility now affects critical rating, incoming healing, and armor piercing. Will now affects critical rating, critical block rating, and outgoing healing.

If you want to keep up on when this pack is coming back, continue to check this page: https://www.wizard101.com/game/purreau-pet-pack


There will be no PvP updates this time around. The proposed solutions did not work in-game as expected. They might have even made the problem worse. For this reason, they're going back to the drawing board on those. While it isn't good news that Puppet Teams are still out there, be glad that KingsIsle is taking the time to get it right!

And, of course...

All of the rest of the updates are still in place. The new PvP arenas are here! The new pet minigames are now available! Even more, you can now train your pets to Mega - with 2000 experience more than Epic. It's a long road there, but that extra talent could really be worth it, just make sure you know what you're getting in to.

If you're after pictures, I did a few posts on these topics awhile back - Test Realm Updates, and Why 2000 XP Mega Pets and Hard-to-Craft Spells Are Ok.

It's all here and in the live realm - so get to playing and training those new pets! *Thanks to Kelsey Fireheart for allowing me to use her pet photos! (New pets 1-12)

Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!


  1. Looks awesome, I just got onto my computer and checked to see my email and it showed this update from Wizard101!

  2. Wow.... You always tend to surprise me Jason xD This post is out of this world!!! I didn't know about any of this and you opened my mind to new information. Keep up the amazing work dude!
    -Blaze Shadowhorn

    (ignore this being commented by my IRL act. ;P)

  3. i have deer knight pedigree 70 burlap boy pedigree 56 and frosty fish pedigree 45 bought 2 packs not knowing what would be in them name is wolf blade my deer knight has feint the deer knight rises and brazen bezerker i feel so swag :D

  4. the clock spider ability for scorpian is recieved at adult it gives you one balance clock spider which does 325 damage plus +45% power pip chance (power pip chance )


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